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Are you a Super Penguin?Super Penguin


We certainly hope so! A Super Penguin is a student who is using his or her Positive Penguin Power to do the right thing at school.
Super Penguins:
Follow directions
Follow the rules
Are kind and helpful
Try their hardest
Do their best work
Help others
We expect our Super Penguins to exhibit our monthly character traits:
  • September--Responsibility

  • October--Generosity

  • November--Gratitude

  • December--Respect

  • January--Forgiveness

  • February--Honesty

  • March--Compassion

  • April--Perseverance

  • May--Cooperation

  • June--Loyalty

Students who show the characteristics of a Super Penguin will earn a Super Penguin card and prizes will be given out every Friday.