District Home

Mrs. Schleicher -- Third Grade

August 28, 2017

Dear 3rd Grade Families,

                        Welcome to our fifteenth year at “Everybody’s Best School”, Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School.  We are off to a busy start, but most importantly, a year that will be dedicated to the goal that your child receives the finest education possible.  This is best achieved when teachers, parents, and students work together.  Therefore, please take a few minutes to read this letter and familiarize yourself with our program.

                        It is the policy of San Diego City Schools for homework to be a part of our educational program.  Homework is designed to reinforce/enrich the skills taught in the classroom and is explained to the children prior to the assignments.  The work is intended to take approximately 20-30 minutes per day; however, each child’s pace may vary.  With our literacy program, and the strong emphasis on reading, we also require the students to read independently or with an adult for a minimum of 20 minutes per day 20 times per month.  A monthly reading calendar for recording home reading will go home at the beginning of each month.  If your child is spending an unusual length of time on homework please notify your teacher and we can make adjustments.  We encourage the student to work independently, but it is also important for parents to supervise the homework by providing a good work environment and consistent time of day, in addition to turning off the TV and avoiding other distractions.  Homework papers are recorded and become a report card grade.  Please encourage your child to do the assigned papers in neat and legible writing in pencil. 

                        To ensure a pleasant and nurturing learning environment for every student, and to maximize the instructional time, each student is expected to observe appropriate school behaviors as outlined on our school website www.sandi.net/ebscripps. As our school community builds we will be establishing classroom agreements to encourage desired citizenship.

                        We look forward to getting to know our 3rd grade families as we work together as a part of the EB Scripps community.  Communication is most important so please let us hear from you regarding questions, concerns, or ideas you might have.  Informational letters and /or emails will be sent home periodically to keep you informed of our classroom activities.

                        EB Scripps will have a Back to School Night on August 31, at which time we will share information about our program, the 3rd grade curriculum, classroom activities, and our goals for the year.  Please complete the attached sheet with student and parent information for our purposes, and return it to school with your child.  We welcome parent help and participation and will be soliciting your assistance with a sign-up at our Back to School Night.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Yours Truly,


                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The Third Grade Team