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EBS News 10.4.17

Choice Window is Open


EBS enrolls pupils who do not live in the neighborhood through the School Choice process.  The Choice application period for school year 2018-19 will be from Monday, October 2 through Monday, November 13, 2017.   

Choice applications to our school should be submitted for:

  •   Students whose parents are interested in transferring them to EBS
  •  Incoming TK/K sibling of current Choice pupil
  •  Currently enrolled students who have recently moved, or will be moving out of our neighborhood but would like to continue enrollment at EBS
  • Students originally enrolled via Choice as SDUSD residents, who have moved, or are planning to move outside of the SDUSD boundaries into a different school district (Poway, etc.)
  • Student attending EBS under a Childcare Affidavit




Choice applications are not necessary for:

  • Resident students
  • Students already accepted to our school via Choice who currently reside in the SDUSD boundaries. 


The 2018/19 Enrollment Options applications may be submitted online at www.sandiegounified.org/apply.  For personal assistance, contact or visit the Family Welcome and Enrollment Center located at our district headquarters at the Eugene Brucker Education Center, 4100 Normal Street, Annex 12, San Diego, 92103.  Questions regarding the Choice process may be directed to (619) 260-2410.  The center is open to the public Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.


 Old News that may still be of interest:

Results of School Site Council/ Site Governance Team Parent Elections

Congratulations to Sujata Ramchandran and Neesha Desai who have been elected to a two year term representing parents on the EBS SSC/SGT.

Boxtop Collection:  Oct 2 - Oct 13

Boxtop collection will start next week, Monday 10/2 and end Friday 10/13. Last year we raised over $1,800. The class with the most boxtops will get a popsicle party.  Please put your child’s collected boxtops into a baggie with their name on it and deliver to the classroom teacher.


Thank you AFP

The EBS AFP will be replacing all the computers in our Technology Academy.  Thank you to everyone who has supported the AFP for helping to provide our students with access to the most state-of-the-art technology.


The police have been ticketing for illegal u-turns.  It is illegal to do a u-turn within 100 feet of a school.  There are only three places near EBS where you can make a legal u-turn:

1.       At the intersection by the church

2.       At the top of Alderhill Terrace beyond the double yellow lines

3.       Heading towards Scripps Poway Parkway by the Community Center

EXCEPTION: Per school policy, parents who are in the center divide, waiting in line for pick-up/drop-off may u-turn into the loading zone south of the parking lot.

No Dogs on Campus, please

The District does not allow dogs on school property, except when used for educational purposes and approved by the principal. This includes the parking lot and the walkways leading up to the school.  If you come to school with a dog, you must remain on the public sidewalk next to the street.    Thank you.

Costume Boutique: October 5

New this year:  On October 5 AFP will be holding a costume boutique where you can buy gently used Halloween costumes.  We will be accepting donations of used costumes from September 25 to Sept 29.  All profits go to the AFP.


Retirement Congratulations

Best wishes to our nurse, Anne Albers and our library aid, Margo Trembley, who will be retiring this month.   They will be missed.  We wish them a happy and relaxing retirement.


Other Good-byes

Farewell to Rose Mack who is extending her leave of absence to take care of her mother.  Good-bye to Missy Silverstein, one of our special education teachers, who has taken a job in Santee. Congratulations to VP Mark Morici who will be the new principal of Loma Portal Elementary School.  We are also sad to lose our attendance clerk, Pam Marvuglio, who has decided to get a different kind of job.  Second grade teacher Belen Jacot will be transferring to a different school.  And TK teacher Melanie Hickson will be taking a leave as she is expecting a baby in the fall. We wish them all the best in their new adventures.


Handicapped Parking

If you enter the parking lot for handicapped parking, please make sure your handicapped placard is fully visible as you enter and exit the parking lot.




LCAP Survey

The District is asking for your input on their goals for the Local Control Accountability Plan. Please give your feedback via the following online survey:  https: www.surveymonkey.com/r/LCAP-2017.  (Cut and paste this link into your browser if it does work when you click on it.)  Thank you for helping the District create goals that reflect the input of our parents.


Wellness Plan

Every school is now required to have a wellness plan for their students.  As part of this plan we are required to add new “wellness activities” for our students.  We have recently added music to recess and lunch as a way to increase the physical activity of our students.  Our penguins are really enjoying the music.  Also, we will soon be adding a new fitness course to the upper playground.  We are hoping this will be added over the summer so that it is ready when students return in the fall.


No Toys at School

Just a reminder, toys have never been allowed at school.  This includes fidget spinners, slime, stuffed animals and anything else not needed for the educational process.  Thank you.


All our policies can be found on our EBS website at: https://www.sandiegounified.org/schools/eb-scripps/overview-3


Please, please, please… No Vacations on School Days

As you plan your calendar for next year, please do not schedule trips or vacations on school days.  Besides the obvious fact that your child is missing out on their education, the school also loses money when your child is absent, no matter the reason.  As I have mentioned before, the school lost over $193,000 last year due to student absences.

Students should only be absent when they are sick.  Thank you.



Lost and Found

Everything in the Lost and Found will be donated to charity on Friday.  Please check for your missing items before Friday.   Our donations are going to an elementary school in Southeast San Diego that has huge number of refugees.


Disaster Drills

Just a reminder for parents, all adults on campus are required to evacuate during our drills.  If you are on campus during a drill, please make your way up to the upper playground.  Thanks

Congratulations Mr. Waczek!

I am happy to announce that the EBS Teacher of the Year is our music teacher, Tom Waczek.   We are grateful for the love of music he instills in our students and “joy through music” that he brings to our school.  He is a critical part of our mission to produce well-rounded students by education the whole child.  Congratulations to Mr. Waczek.

Excellent Attendance

I am very happy to report that EBS has the best attendance rate in the district (out of about 200 schools).  Thank you so much for making sure that your child attends school every day, except, of course, when they are sick.  There is a direct correlation between attendance and performance in school.

Kindergarten Drop-Off

Just a reminder that Kindergarten students must be walked to the kinder playground in the morning, by either an adult or older sibling.  They should not be walking into school by themselves.  Thank you.


Congratulations Ms. Corry


We are happy to announce that Ms. Corry has been awarded the Ashford Leadership Award for Excellence in the Classroom.  She was nominated by Area Superintendent Fabiola Bagula for excellence in teaching and her willingness to share with colleagues.  She will be honored at a ceremony tonight at the Port Pavilion.


Books Needed for Little Free Library


The cupboards are bare.  If you have any books at home that you no longer want please donate them to the Little Free Library in front of the school.  The LFL is a book exchange.  If you take a book, please give back.  Thanks.



Check Menus From Your Phone

To check the school lunch menu on your phone all you have to do is download the YumYummi app.

New Legal Parking Zone

There is now legal parking between the school and the church.  You may legally park after the sign that says “End 3-Minute Loading Zone.”    That legal parking zone ends where the bike lane moves back next to the sidewalk.

School is not funded when students are absent

Many parents are not aware of how schools in California are funded.  We get money from the state per pupil for each day the student is in attendance.  When the student is absent for any reason, including excused absences and illness, we do not get funded for that day.  If a student is present for any part of the day (arrives late or leaves early), we receive the full funding.  We are also funded when a student is on an independent study contract.

In order to help with school funding:

  • 1.       Please do not take your child out of school for vacation purposes.
  • 2.       If your child will be absent for 5 days or more, please request a contract.
  • 3.       If your child has an appointment, please bring them in to school for part of the day.



Please follow the district guidelines for when to keep your sick child home.  Students with a fever over 100, vomiting, flu (body aches, fever, headache) should stay home. We do not want students who are ill coming to school.  Thanks.


Every Friday is Spirit Day!

All penguins, be sure to wear your EBS shirt every Friday to show your school spirit!

Teacher Bollywood Dance

If you missed the teacher Bollywood dance in EBS Idol, you can now view it on YouTube:

Amazing Recycling Success

In one short month EBS has moved from 75th place in the District to 12th place in recycling.  Congratulate your children on their great effort!


No Tape on Newly Painted Doors, Please

Our campus is looking more and more beautiful as our paint job progresses.  The new type of paint used in the state of California does not hold up as well as the old paint.  Please do not tape anything to our newly painted doors as it will ruin the new paint job.  If you want to attach a flyer to a door, please use magnets.  Miss Krissy has magnets available in the office.  Thanks.



Parking Lot

This is a reminder that parents are not allowed into the parking lot unless they have a handicapped placard or a permit issued by the EBS office.   We have had quite a problem with parents who think this particular rule does not apply to their individual situation.  If you have a special circumstance, please come to the office for a temporary permit. 

One more reminder… no drop-off in the parking lot even if you are late for school.  Thanks.


Bicycle Safety

This week we had a student bicyclist run into another student on the sidewalk.  The areas near the school are very congested before and after school.  Please remind your children that once they get to the drop-off zones, they must walk their bicycles.  In the afternoon, they should not get onto their bikes until they pass the pick-up zones. 

Back Gate for Emergencies Only

Just a reminder, parents and students may never use the back gates.  The gates that are marked “Emergency Exit Only” are only to be used during an emergency.  Also, the back service driveway is not open to the public for safety reasons.  Thank you.

Pick-Up Procedure

Please help us keep our students safe.  Students are not allowed to walk in between parked cars to get into a car that is double parked.  Students are required to wait at the pick-up zone and get into the car when it is safely pulled up next to the sidewalk. 



Emergency Text Notification

If you would like to be notified by text when we have an emergency at the school please:

Text the word “YES” to 68453 from each wireless device you wish to receive texts on. 

This only works if the phone number is already on file with the school.  If you would like to add additional cell phone numbers to our computer system, please contact Krissy in the front office at kduke1@sandi.net.

Our Email List

The system that we use to send out emails draws the email addresses from our computer data system.  It picks up whatever parent emails we have on file.   If one parent or the other is not receiving emails it is because you did not put your email address on the Enrollment Verification Form sent home at the beginning of the year.   If you would like an email address added to our system, please email Krissy at kduke1@sandi.net.


No Dogs on Campus

Last week we had an unfortunate incident at the front gate between one of students and a dog.  District policy is that dogs are not allowed on school property.  This includes our parking lot, ramps, steps and walkways.  If you bring a dog to pick-up or drop-off please wait down on the public sidewalk by the street.  Service animals are always welcome and exceptions are made for animals being used for educational purposes.  Thank you.