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Aiken, Cyndy -- Physical Education

Ms. Cyndy Aiken -- P.E.                                           


Days at EBS:  Tuesdays, Wednesdays and every other Monday

Contact:  caiken@sandi.net


Dear EB Scripps Families,

My name is Cyndy Aiken and I look forward to teaching your child In Physical Education.

Listed below are ways to keep your child’s mind and body healthy while at home. 

Start by using the N.E.W.S.

N=Nutrition = A well-balanced diet is important.

E=Exercise = Movement of all kinds everyday.

W=Water =     When they want to drink something, give them water first. It gets to the brain in 3 minutes to hydrate the brain cells and body. Juice takes 20 minutes as it has to go through the digestive system first. 2/3rds of our body is water, and staying hydrated is key to keeping the brain alert.

S=Sleep=    Our children should get at least 9-10 hours night.

These four things are extremely important to you and your children. Studies on the brain show that these four things help to keep you and your children developing brain cells, and staying fit.  Brain studies prove that movement is key to keeping a brain sharp at all ages.  Human brain will start to sleep after 20 minutes of no movement.  The more the activity the more the brain stays alert.

Do this for you and your child.

  • Get them outside to play. Go for a walk or jog
  • Ride bikes, dance, jump rope, skate, swim, etc….
  • After 20 minutes of homework or just sitting have them get up and move, jumping jacks, hops, skips, pushup, sit ups, anything to get the body moving. Work on stretches of the legs back, and arms.
  • Practice spelling works while hopping, or jumping.
  • Do math card drills while moving, example 2+6= 8 Jump 8 times.
  • Write words or number problems with chalk outside.
  • Have them sit on an exercise ball instead of a chair to study. This works the brain and the body core together.
  • Do family workout challenges:  Examples: Go for a family powerwalk before or after dinner. See how fast you can get done each time you go. Add distance as you get stronger and faster.
  •  How many sit ups, pushups, jumping-jacks, jump rope jumps, etc., can you do during a commercial, before dinner, and so on.

The Body and Mind work as a team. They both need to be stimulated to stay fit and to work well in all aspects of life.