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Is Doyle Elementary your neighborhood school?

Here is the website to enter your address to see which school would be your neighborhood school:


If Doyle is indicated as your neighborhood school, WELCOME to the Doyle Family! We look forward to work with you and your family.  


To enroll your student at Doyle Elementary School we will need the following documents emailed to nvelezmack@sandi.net :

1. Official/Original Birth Certificate or Passport

2. Proof of residency (Lease agreement or Utility Bill)

3. Immunization record

4. Previous school verification (Report card or certificate of enrollment) ONLY For Grades 1-5 

5. Most recent IEP ( If applicable)  

6. Enrollment form

7. Home Language Survey

8. SDIR (Immunization Registry)

9. Health Information Exchange

***ATTENTION: There is no need to print any documents.  Simply type the inforamtion, save as a PDF and email to Ms. Naomi. 


Our school district is stern with placing students in the appropriate grade level according to their age.  Your child will go into the corresponding grade level according to their birthdate: 

-Students born between 09/02/2015 and 12/02/2015 will be placed into Transitional Kindergarten (TK)

-Students born on or before 09/01/2015 will be placed into Kindergarten

-Students born on or before 09/01/2014 will be placed into First Grade

-Students born on or before 09/01/2013 will be placed into Second Grade

-Students born on or before 09/01/2012 will be placed into Third Grade

-Students born on or before 09/01/2011 will be placed into Fourth Grade

-Students born on or before 09/01/2010 will be placed into Fifth Grade