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Doyle Student Drop-Off Safety Rules

Our Number One priority is your child’s safety! Our school is trying to make student drop-off safe and easy for our Doyle families. Without everyone’s cooperation we risk losing the privilege to use the circle drive for dropping off and picking up our students. Thank you for your attention to the safety of our students!!

  • Please pull forward as far as possible in the circle. The first car should pull all the way up to the sign.

  • Children must exit on the RIGHT side of the car.

  • Drivers, please do not get out of your car. Please place backpacks next to students--not in the trunk. Please have your children keep their belongings close to them in the car so they can exit safely and easily. Retrieving items from the trunk creates a safety hazard.

  • Cyclist must follow traffic rules. Please do not weave in and out of traffic as it creates safety hazards.
  • Please wait until the cars/buses in front of you move. Do not go around them. This is a safety hazard.