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3251 Rosecrans St., 92110

Built in 1943

Site Acreage: 5.9 acres
443 Students

Thanks to community support through two historic bond measures, our school looks great for its age -- it was built in 1943. Students feel proud of their school, and contribute to its cleanliness.

Providing safe and well-maintained schools is a top priority for the district. To ensure that all classrooms and facilities are maintained in a manner that supports instruction, a scheduled maintenance program is administered by the district.

To further support learning, a variety of tutoring areas, such as tables with umbrellas and resource rooms are available. A literacy garden, which adjoins the counseling center, supports students who choose to read during recess.

Teachers have access to a centralized workroom, reading resource room, staff-development room, a multi-purpose media room, and a room for adaptive physical education.

Improvements are underway with funding from Proposition S.

• Install a wireless network (WIFI)

• Provide 21st century technology upgrades, including audiovisual projection capabilities for all students

• Provide campus-wide emergency communications system

• Expand parking area and improve student drop-off area

• Install security lighting, as well as, increase vandalism and intrusion safeguards, including modifications to fencing

• Remove or minimize risks of any potentially hazardous material throughout the facility

• Renovate existing restrooms

• Improve accessibility to all classrooms, labs, restrooms, and other school facilities to comply with accessibility regulations including ADA Title I & II

• Install three-compartment sink in kitchen

• Install a grease trap to comply with city regulations in the kitchen

• Repair/replace/remove old portable classrooms

• Repair/replace heating and ventilation systems as needed

• Repair/restore building interiors, exteriors, finishes and fixtures

• Repair/replace deteriorating plumbing and sewer systems

• Replace aging wiring and upgrade electrical systems as needed

• Repair/resurface worn and damaged concrete and asphalt paving where needed

• Repair and replace gutters, downspouts, catch-basins and underground piping as needed

• Repair/replace/upgrade performance spaces/multipurpose rooms