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Volunteer Opportunities For Morning and Lunch Supervision

Join the team of parents at Dana Middle School

  • Team up with other parents while supporting Dana students
  • Stay in touch with your child and experience our positive school culture
  • Get to know and work cooperatively with your child’s counselors and administrators
  • Learn how our staff helps students solve problems and participate in the school community building process

Dana Middle School welcomes parents each day to participate in our school community on campus.  Morning play time, lunch, and recess are fun times for students and adults at Dana. We welcome parents to join us for morning supervision and lunch/recess supervision.

Basic responsibilities include being present with our students and supporting a safe and nurturing environment for everyone.  You will work closely with Dana administrators and counselors as we help students practice safe behaviors, keep our environment clean, and treat each other with kindness and respect.

Parents who are interested in volunteering must complete the form that will be given out in the office. Please email Joey Lepetri (jlepetri@sandi.net) and Traci Ferguson (tferguson@sandi.net) directly. They will contact you regarding making an appointment to complete the necessary volunteer paperwork before your supervision date. Please make sure to bring a copy of a TB test that is less than four years.