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Update Your Contact Information In PowerSchool

 Dear Parents:


A new feature is being added to the PowerSchool Parent Portal that will allow parent/guardians to change selected demographic and contact information for their student(s) online. Dana Middle is piloting this program. Changes made by parent/guardians are placed in a queue for review and approval by school site staff. Once approved, the changes are applied to PowerSchool. This new feature offers a convenient alternative to visiting the school to update information, though the required documentation must still be provided for changes to student name and household address.

Here is a brief overview of what the new feature allows:

What updates CAN be made?

  • Parents can view or update the Household Address – but the parent must also provide Proof of Residency to the school, in person
  • Parents can view or update the Home Phone Number
  • Parents can view or update Contacts or Emergency Contacts, including phone numbers
  • Parents can view or update information about releasing information for their child

What updates CANNOT be made?

  • Parents cannot view or update the Social Security Number
  • Parents cannot view or update the City, State, or Country of Birth
  • Parents cannot view or update the dates for First enrolled in a CA school or First enrolled in a US school


Click this link to download a document that outlines what changes can be made and how you can make them. If you have any updates to your contact information, we encourage you to try the new online feature. Please note that changes can only be made for students attending the 11 schools participating in the pilot. If the school has not reached out regarding this pilot, they are not participating. 


If you have any questions, please contact Danielle Kirkendall at dkirkendall@sandi.net.