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Thank You Incredible Kids Volunteers!

The Incredible Kids project is an excellent example of the philosophy of using strengths to help students take ownership over their actions and learning. This valuable and time consuming project is made possible by our teachers and parents who volunteer their time to make it happen. The purpose of the project is to distribute to each student aunique “strength” scroll containing comments written by their peers.

Our parents collect the comments from each child and assemble them into a personalized document. The scrolls were distributed to students through their classrooms on Friday, June 8th.

We would like to thank Alison Hernandez and her team of incredible volunteers who helped to make this project possible for our children!

The 2017-18 Incredible Kids Volunteer Team

  • Tracy Rebelo
  • Holly Kurth
  • Geraldi D'Silva
  • Liza Clifton
  • Della Ducharme
  • Angie Myer
  • Suzy Reid
  • Kirsten Wade
  • Melva Gitana
  • Eva Pater
  • Erin Dale
  • Stacey Tinsley
  • Annelisse Miller
  • Ayana Hall
  • Brianne Ice
  • Anne Cater
  • Leigh Burdine
  • Molly Gustin
  • Karen Robertson
  • Anne Cater
  • Maria Vileta
  • Ada Vazquez
  • Christy Cheney
  • Kelly Foster