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  • Does Dana Middle have a character development program?

    We support character development through a variety of strategies.
    Both Dana Middle and Correia Middle promote a philosophy called "The Pointer Way". Content and concepts are shared through grade level and classroom presentations.
    5th grade students traditionally participate in a program called “Why Try”. This program is implemented throughout the year by our Counseling department via classroom presentations.
    6th grade students participate in a program developed by our counseling department.. The program consists of a series of classroom presentations on a variety of topics including:

    - The four agreements
    - Building communication
    - Conflict resolution
    - Academic and personal relationships

    6th grade students participate in a “Family Life Skills” program through their Social Studies classroom. Family Life Skills covers a variety of topics including cyber-bullying, refusal skills, and sexual harassment.
    6th grade students participate in the Botvin Life Skllls program through their physical education class. Botvin Life Skills lessons are research-validated curricula that are taught to all students in grades 6-9. The lessons scaffold from one grade level to the next in order to increase skill-building techniques for age-appropriate development. The lessons include, but are not limited to myths and realities of smoking, causes and effects of drug use, effective decision-making skills, self-image, peer refusal skills, risk-taking assessments, media influences, anger-coping skills, stress/anxiety recognition and/or management skills, social skills, assertive communication skills, and conflict resolution skills.

    We conduct monthly assemblies where we discuss a variety of topics related to digital citizenship and literacy. For example, during the month of November discussed the concept of a “digital footprint”. In addition to the content mentioned above, we also participate in a yearly assembly provided by the San Diego Police Foundation on the topic of digital safety and the appropriate use of the internet, electronic device, and cyber bullying.
    Dana has developed the “Way To Be” system to reward students for making positive behavior choices.