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Science Homework Club

Students will have a chance to get teacher assistance with sicence homework and can make up missing lab work!  Mr. Aros will supervise the 6th grade students and Mr. Alpert will supervise the 5th grade lab activities.  Students will have an opportunity to play science related games and supplementary science activities will also be offered.  The clubs will take place in the science classrooms of Mr. Aros (Room 153) and Mr. Alpert (Room 254) on a set schedule.

Beginning in March the schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, March 12 - Mr. Aros 6th Grade classroom

Wenesday,March 13 - Mr. Alpert 5th Grade classroom

Tuesday, March 19 - Mr. Aros 6th Grade classroom

Wednesday, March 20 - Mr. Alpert 5th Grade classroom


Click HERE to view the full schedule for the remainder of the year