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Moodle FAQs

  • Welcome to Moodle Frequently Asked Questions

    Many teachers at Dana use Moodle. The purpose of this page is to help parents and students understand what Moodle is and how it works.

  • What is Moodle? What is a LMS?

    A Learning Management System (LMS) provides students and parents with access to teacher created websites that may show their class units, topics, and lessons. It is also a place where many teachers post homework assignments.

  • Do I need a Username and Password? What is it?

    Moodle sites require a username and password to login and view information. This is the ID number and Active Directory Password your child uses to log into their computers. Have them write it down for you or ask one of their teachers for this information. You also need this information to check their grades.

  • Where can I find my student's homework?

    A link to a list of homework assignments can be found on the teacher's Moodle page unless otherwise directed by the teacher. Some teachers choose to hand write their homework and have students copy in their school planner.

  • Where can I find a direct link to a teacher's Moodle website?

    Please select the "Our Staff" page on danamiddle.com. Then find the teacher from the list of staff members. Their biography and website are linked under their picture.

  • How do I keep track of my student's grades?

    Moodle is for assignments and activities. To see your child's most up-to-date grades please go to Powerschool.

  • I have a question about something I see in Moodle. Who should I contact?

    Your student's teacher is the primary point of contact. Their email addresses can be found on the "Our Staff" page on danamiddle.com.