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Limited Student Email To Be Activated May 18-20th

Dana Middle will pilot limited email accounts for students starting May 18-20th. View the Dana Middle Limited Student Email Policy. Students will receive an email when their teacher posts assignments or information via Google Classroom. We are in the process of training our staff on how to use this feature. Students can use this tool to email their teachers directly. 

Students will access their limited email account through their existing SDUSD Google Suite. Parents can access their child's email account by using the same steps students use to login to their existing account. Parents can contact Jeff Hayes at jhayes3@sandi.net if they experience difficulty obtaining their child's account login information.

In addition, parents can choose to access their child's email account and receive notifications via their smartphone. Follow these steps to configure your phone to receive student emails:

  • Install Google Gmail app on your phone
  • Click on Manage Accounts
  • Click Add Another Account
  • Select “Google” from the Set Up Email list
  • Enter your child’s email address - your child’s address is their student ID @ sandi.net. For example, a child with student ID 123456 will use the following email address: 123456@stu.sandi.net
  • Gmail will confirm you are connecting to a limited student account and ask you to enter your child’s Student ID and Password. Enter the requested information and click “Sign In”
  • Your phone now has access to your child’s email account. You can configure the Gmail app to send you notifications when new content is received

IMPORTANT: Your child's email account is limited. Your child will not receive emails sent from your personal account and your child does not have the ability to send an email to your personal account from their school account.


The move to distance learning has caused us to reflect upon the importance of effective communication. We are exploring options for allowing students access to communicate with their teachers electronically. We are challenged with finding efficient solutions for allowing teachers and students to communicate regarding the work taking place in the classroom. Teachers need to communicate regarding assignments and due dates. Students need an opportunity to ask questions and seek help. Traditional face to face interactions are not currently possible.

The San Diego Unified School District is offering middle school students the opportunity to have access to a limited email account. This account will be connected to the existing google educational account students already use in many of their classrooms. Currently teachers must route communication to students through parent emails via School Messenger. Teachers using Google Classroom will now send updates directly to students regarding classroom activities. 

Unlike a traditional email account, students would not be allowed to receive or send messages to people outside of the district. Communication would be limited to classmates and teachers only. In addition, parents would have the option to view messages their child sends and receives.