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How Is Your Child's Citizenship Grade Determined?

Our citizenship rubric is designed to:

  • Make it easier for parents and students to understand
  • Reduce ambiguity regarding choices that impact the citizenship grade
  • Serve as a “tool” for having conversations with children regarding their choices
  • Increase consistency among staff members
  • Support the expectation that all students should meet the standard and only a few would exceed it

Please follow this link to view our citizenship rubric.

Important factors to consider:

  • All students receive one citizenship grade for each class. Students will earn one of three possible grades:
    • Exceeds (reported as a G in PowerSchool)
    • Meets (reported as a S in PowerSchool)
    • Does Not Meet (reported as an N in PowerSchool)

The E and U citizenship grades are not used at Dana Middle School.

  • The rubric above breaks out the citizenship rubric into separate categories in order to help adults facilitate conversations with students regarding the variety of factors that go into determining a citizenship grade.
  • A list of choices that result in raising or lowering a citizenship grade are provided at the bottom of the rubric. Parents and teachers can use these items as talking points regarding choices children need to make to adjust their grade.
  • Citizenship grades should be used as a tool to help students reflect upon their behavior and choices. Our goal is to help develop a ownership over their own learning and education. When a child does not earn the grade they want, we should focus the conversation on what they can do to improve it during the next grading period. Focusing energy on who's fault it is only reinforces the belief that the child does not have the ability to manage their own situation.
  • Most students will earn "Meets Standards" in citizenship. Children need to understand our expectation is they meet the standards identified in the rubric. Only a few students will exceed this standard. Telling students that anything less than "Exceeds Standards" is less than acceptable reinforces the fixed mindset we are trying to avoid promoting in our children.

Interested in learning more about Dr. Carol Dweck's concept of growth and fixed mindsets? Please follow this link for more information.