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End Of Year Activities & Eligibility Requirements

End of Year Activities

Dana’s discipline plan is based on the belief that all students are deserving of a quality education and have the right to maximize their learning potential. Motivated students who accept responsibility for their learning and their personal growth and development contribute to a school culture that is based on respect and success. We encourage and promote healthy lifestyles that are a direct result of positive choices made by students. While the goal is for students to make informed decisions and healthy choices, there exists the possibility of making a mistake along the way. We reward positive choices that produce successful results. We impose consequences that hold students accountable for choices that interfere with academic and personal success.

Reward assemblies and activities are held throughout the semester to acknowledge students who, through hard work and positive choices, have attained a level of success deserving of public recognition. Reward assemblies/activities will be offered to students who meet all of the following criteria:

  • Citizenship grade point average of 2.0 for the most recent reporting period
  • Fewer than three detentions or Friday Schools for the current semester
  • No suspensions for the most recent grading period

Students must meet the eligiblity requirements above to participate in the following activites:

In addition, students must return all books and clear all fees and fines before the event in order to be eligible to participate. Please contact Theresa Jordan at tjordan@sandi.net with questions regarding fees and fines.

Additional information regarding reward activites and our discipline policy can be found in your child's planner and online.