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Congrats Halloween Costume Winners!

We would like to thank the following winners of our lunch time costume contest:

  • Erika - guy fieri
  • Merrick - the devil
  • Tyler - mavrick from Top Gun
  • Sean - dragon
  • Curren - doc fron back to the future
  • Sam - steam punk aku
  • Ava - marienette



Halloween Grams were sold at lunch on 10/23 and 10/24. Haunted Hallway presented by ASB on 10/27. Wear your costume to school on 10/31!

The Dana ASB class is organizing a haunted hallway for students who choose to participate. This event will be held on October 27th.

The Dana ASB will be selling Halloween Candy Grams at both lunches on Monday (10/23) and Tuesday (10/24).  Each gram will only cost fifty cents so you can afford to buy one for all of your friends.

Show your school spirit by dressing up for Halloween on Monday, October 31st. Students are encouraged to wear their costumes to school and participate in our costume contest at lunch. We have three categories:

  • Scariest
  • Most Original
  • Best Overall

Students who choose to dress for Halloween must abide by the guidelines outlined below.

  • Costumes may not be derogatory or offensive to any groups or individuals.
  • Masks are not permitted in the hallways or classrooms.
  • All costumes must be "PG" rated.
  • The School dress code policy must be followed.
  • Costumes may not include any weaponry or representations of weapons.

If your child has B week PE, and your child wears a costume, your child needs a note from home to excuse them from PE.  Otherwise, they will be expected to participate