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  • How can I prepare my child for college? Which classes should they take at Correia and PLHS?

    How can I prepare my child for college? Which classes should they take at Correia and Point Loma High? What are “A through G requirements”?
    We receive questions from the families of 6th grade students regarding course placement in 7th through 12th grade. Many of the questions are related to preparing their student for admission to a college or university. To help provide answers to these questions, we are sharing the following contacts with you.

    Sarah Brandl – Head Counselor, Point Loma High School
    Estella Acosta– Counselor, Correia Middle School
    Information is available on the following topics:

    The importance of “A Through G Requirements” when applying for college
    Calculating a UC GPA (what is an AP course and how does this impact GPA calculation?)
    College admission factors
    How to be a strong candidate for universities (what do universities look for in a student beyond gpa?)
    Making educated decisions regarding elective choices for 7th and 8th grade (only foreign language electives earn credit towards graduation)
    A copy of the PowerPoint presentation shared during this presentation is linked below. In addition, we recommend parents visit the following websites:

    UC/CSU Approved Course List for Point Loma High - A detailed list of the courses your student must take in order to be accepted into the UC/CSU system. Courses are organized by topic. Search by High School name, and enter Point Loma High.
    How To Get To College - Developed by the CSU system, this website contains important information for parents and students.
    High School Graduation Requirements - SDUSD website discussing gpa, credits, senior exhibitions, and more.
  • I am concerned about the weight of the textbooks in my child's backpack.

    We occasionally hear of this concern from 5th grade parents. The cause is usually a misunderstanding of expectations on behalf of the student. Teachers do not require students to carry their books to and from school every day. Most books should be left home unless requested by the teacher. Please follow these steps to resolve the problem:
    *Ask your child to identify textbooks meant to be left at home and remove them from the backpack
    *Review the materials your child keeps in their backpack. Students should not use their backpack as a storage container for all of their school supplies. For example, your student may only need one composition book at a time. Additional composition books should be left at home. Students do not need to keep an entire ream of paper in their backpacks, just enough for the day.
    *Refer to your childs' syllabi to find a list of textbooks online.
    *The majority of the Dana students utilize a "rolling backpack"
  • Tell me about the history/background of Dana Middle School.

    Dana Middle School, located in the Point Loma community, reopened in August 1998 as a sixth grade school after having been closed since 1983. In September 2001, we added fifth grade to complete our configuration as a grades 5–6 middle school. We draw from the seven feeder elementary schools in the Point Loma cluster. We also accept students on a space-available basis through the Volunteer Enrollment Exchange Program (VEEP) and the Open Enrollment Program.

    Our current enrollment is approximately 820 students. Our highly trained staff serves an ethnically diverse and bright population of students through a variety of programs, including regular education, special education, Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) cluster and seminar classes, and Structured English Immersion and Mainstreamed English Cluster classes for our English Learners.

    We are proud of the extensive support we receive from an involved community. We are dedicated to the education of the total child. We are committed to providing a challenging curriculum that inspires academic, artistic, and physical excellence while fostering positive self-esteem, respect, enthusiasm, and cooperation.
  • Where can I download a student supply list?

    Incoming students and families are excited about getting ready for the first day of school. Unfortunately, in compliance with the California Department of Education, we cannot post a "School Supply List". Please follow this link for more information.

    The Dana Association posts a suggested student supply list on their own website. You can view it here.

    Please make sure to join our eBlast system to receive emails from our Parent Association regarding this topic.