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Dailard Mechanical Dolphins

Dailard Elementary Finishes Its Third Season of FIRST LEGO League

Can you make a robot out of LEGO bricks and program it to run an obstacle course? Students at Dailard Elementary can!

Dailard Elementary’s Mechanical Dolphins team is entering the final rounds of the 2017–2018 FIRST LEGO League season. As participants in the FLL robotics and community service challenge, “Hydrodynamics,” the Blue, Green and Yellow squads have reconfigured school water fountains to save water for the school garden, marketed a DIY organic dry shampoo to encourage shorter showers in a drought, and invented a bucket that collects water during a shower and easily transports to a home garden. They participated in regional events at EastLake High School, EastLake Middle School, and High Tech High, and won trophies for their Core Values and Project Innovation. The Mechanical Dolphins then advanced to the Southern California Championship at LEGO Land, where they earned a Community Impact trophy for their water fountain design and water reclamation. 

Dailard formed its first Mechanical Dolphins team with a group of fifth graders in 2015, and has since expanded to three teams of fourth and fifth graders. For the 2015 “Trash Trek” challenge, they held a shoe drive to collect material that could be recycled and used in playground mats. In 2016, for the “Animal Allies” challenge, the Blue and Green squads researched endangered animals and launched a public awareness campaign to protect elephants and Komodo dragons. Every year, students also studying programming logic and used code to navigate a LEGO Mindstorms block through a table-top course. They designed mechanical attachments and attached sensors to help their robot complete tasks and capture objects. Throughout the season, they also practiced teamwork and learned the core values of working together and to share knowledge with each other and with students from other teams, upholding the spirit of friendly competition.

The Dailard Mechanical Dolphins are currently preparing for the 2018 Spring Showdown competition, which will be April 28 and 29 at LEGO Land; Dailard is competing on Sunday the 29th.