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April 21

Cubberley Families,

I hope you and your extended family are in good health.

As we near the end of our soft launch of distance learning, I want to update you on a couple of items: 1. Devices and Internet 2. Grading Policy

1. 100% of our students now have access to a device and internet. This is great news! Thank you, Parents and Teachers for your collaboration in making this happen. Parents, if you have problems with a device secured through the district, please contact the IT HelpDesk for Family Support at 619-260-2460.

2. At the last Board of Education Meeting, the Board approved the implementation of a Do No Harm grading procedure for all students during distance learning.

March 16-April 24: Enrichment Learning for All Students
All learning activities, during the above dates, regardless of the source, district-website, school-website or teacher provided are all enrichment opportunities and will not be counted toward students’ grades.

April 27: Grading Resumes for All Students
No students’ grades will be lowered as a result of participating or not participating in distance learning.
No student will be issued a final academic grade lower than the academic grade they had prior to the start of distance learning. No student will be issued a final citizenship grade lower than the citizenship grade they had prior to the start of distance learning.
If a student has an N/A prior to distance learning, due to content that has never been taught, and consistently participates in distance learning, the student will receive an academic grade of 3, 4, or N/A.
If a student does not consistently participate in distance learning, the student will receive an N/A.

District staff is reviewing the current retention policy; once I have more information, I will notify you. The COVID19 situation is unprecedented and you may have questions regarding grading that have not been answered. If so, please contact me via email mruvalcaba@sandi.net or via phone/text (858) 412-7558.

Thank you for your support. I appreciate your perseverance, patience, flexibility, and cooperation!
Magdalena Ruvalcaba
Principal, Cubberley Elementary



April 9

Good Morning Cubberley Families,

I hope you are doing well and are getting used to your new routines.

By now, most students are participating in our soft launch of distance learning. However, we still have a few families that need devices and/or internet access. If so, you may still go to Scripps Ranch High or Clairemont High to pick up devices and get information for internet access. The pick-up hours are 9:00-4:00.  

All devices were to be in good working order; however, if you are experiencing problems you may exchange the device at the distribution school. Also, I encourage you to use the link below to help with logging on and other technology questions you may have.


The district has also set up an IT HelpDesk for Family Support #: 619-260-2460

I also encourage you to contact me via email mruvalcaba@sandi.net or phone (858) 412-7558 with any questions you may have. In addition, you may always contact your teacher via email or Class Dojo.

Thank you for your patience, your perseverance, and for your support. I understand some of our parents are healthcare workers and first responders. Thank you for all that you're doing during this difficult time. I appreciate you. I'd like to encourage all parents, but especially those of you that are working outside the home to reach out to me, if you think there's anything I can do to support you.

With gratitude,

Magdalena Ruvalcaba




Apr 2 

Good Morning Cubberley Families,
Happy Thursday! I want to remind you to complete the technology survey that I sent out earlier this week. We want to ensure that every student has what he/she needs for distance learning. The survey is very brief and will only take a few minutes to complete. Once all surveys are submitted I will forward them to our district office and they will be responsible for the distribution of devices and internet access. However, I need to have a survey completed for every student. We want to ensure all students have equal access to the tools they will need for distance learning. Thank you to the many families that have already completed the survey! Have a great day, everyone.



March 31

Dear Cubberley Families,

I hope you are well. Although we are on Spring Break, I need to ask for your support in completing a short survey to help us determine who will need technology support. We are planning on providing students with the tools they need for Distance Learning. For that reason we are asking all families to respond to this survey for each of their students. The purpose of this survey is to determine the technology needs of each student so they can prepare for distance learning. Our goal is to have 100% completion by Thursday, April 2nd.
Once we receive the surveys, the district will work to ensure that all students have the technology access they need. Please respond to the survey as soon as possible and prior to Thursday, April 2nd. I have also sent this survey to you via SchoolMessenger to your email.


Please contact me via email if you have any questions mruvalcaba@sandi.net. Thank you.

Magdalena Ruvalcaba
Principal, Cubberley Elementary


March 27

Cubberley Families,
Next week we are officially off for Spring Break. This will definitely be a different kind of Spring Break than what we are used to! When we return (online) on April 6, our teachers will continue to be available to support our students' enrichment learning. They will, at the same time, be busy with their own learning. Transitioning to Distance Learning is not easy, but our teachers are flexible, optimistic, and innovative! Between April 6 and April 24 they will continue to guide and support our students with enrichment. They will check in with you frequently and even try on the new learning tools and online methods that they are learning. Our district is calling this a Soft Launch of Distant Learning. On Monday, April 27 our teachers will be ready to resume school - online!! April 27 will be the official start of Distance Learning. At that time, we anticipate that all students will have the tools they need to get started. Please keep checking Dojo, email, and our website for updates and information that you will need. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your teacher. They are working from home and are checking their emails and ClassDojo daily. You may also reach out to me via email at mruvalcaba@sandi.net.

Thank you for your continued support of our school community. I appreciate all that you are doing to keep our students engaged. I recognize this is hard work. Especially if you are working (in or out of the home) and if you have more than one child to support with learning. Please know that we are working hard to make the transition to Distance Learning as smooth as possible. We do recognize their will be bumps and I thank you, in advance, for your understanding.

Wishing You Well,
Magdalena Ruvalcaba


March 24

Good Evening Cubberley Families,

I continue to think of our Cubberley Community and am hoping you are all well. While I miss our traditional school setting, I know that our children have resilient spirits and will ultimately fare well. That being said, I recognize that there have been and will continue to be challenges during this very difficult time.

As you may have heard on the news this evening, the district has outlined a plan that envisions a gradual return to academic instruction. Our district is currently providing online enrichment via the district website. However, we know not all students have the tools to access this learning. The district is working to ensure all students have equitable access to the learning tools they need. Once this is accomplished, we will move into our next phase of Distance Learning.

Please see the Press Release sent out by our district for more information regarding our Distance Learning plans and timeline.

Our teachers are working hard to prepare for this next phase of teaching and learning; neither their work nor the work you are doing is easy. I know many of you are making many sacrifices to be home with your children and are working hard to support their academic enrichment. Thank you! We appreciate you, your patience, and your flexibility. I look forward to the next part of our journey. We are in this together and we will be better because if it.

With admiration and gratitude for all you do,

Magdalena Ruvalcaba



March 23

Hello Cubberley Families!
Our counselor, Ms. Foosaner, emailed a list of helpful ideas to support our families while at home. Your teachers may have already shared these with you, but I'd like to post these here as well.

From Ms. Foosaner:

-Practice gratitude! My family is keeping a daily family gratitude journal where each of us has to share one thing each day that we're feeling grateful for. Gratitude is powerful, and helps us remember our blessings in times where it's easy to overlook them.

-Create beauty! Create art. Draw, paint, color...Use whatever supplies you have and just see what happens.

-Strengthen relationships! We will never have time like this again to connect with our families. Make time to just talk. Play games. Dream and plan for the future. Love each other! (And if you are isolated alone, reach out via all means available. Text, make a phone call, video chat - We are so fortunate to have the technology we do!)

-Spread love and kindness! This is a great time to have kids write letters and make cards. While we can't visit with extended family, we can send them special notes, pictures, etc. Kids can also create letters and art to send to nursing homes, hospitals, etc. where people are not able to have visitors.

-Get outside! Be sure to get outside and be in nature. Walk the dog as a family. Take a "field trip" to see what flowers are blooming in the neighborhood. Spend time in the backyard, on the patio, or in whatever outside space you may have. And do some gardening.

-Care for living things! Tending to plants and caring for pets is meaningful work for children and adults. You can even plant some "crops" to enjoy with very little space. We planted some lettuce.

-Stay active! Taking walks is great, and there are plenty of videos for indoor exercise as well. Be creative.

-Make time to do what you love! Don't let yourself get caught up and overwhelmed by all the things you "should" be doing. Set aside time to watch your favorite show, read a good book, etc. You matter, and you can't take care of anyone else until you take care of yourself!