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Kathleen Taila

Kathleen Taila

2nd/3rd Grade (GATE)

Room 5


Hello Cubberley Cougars,

What I love about our Cubberley community is the beautiful mix of cultures, second-language learners, as well as fully-included special education students, all working harmoniously together.  I am a proud mother of three school aged children and I am also married to a Middle Eastern immigrant who is a busy entrepreneur.  As you can see, diversity abounds in both my personal and professional life.  As a family, we are fanatical about soccer and it is one of the ways we collectively like to spend time together.  I also enjoy the great outdoors and have a passion for whole food cooking.  

I personally enjoy being a life-long learner.  One of the things I love about the teaching profession, is that we are continually learning and evolving in our work. There is never a feeling of complacency or lack of a challenge when working with children.  My hope as an educator, is that I can help promote true cultural pluralism throughout my teaching and positively impact student achievement.  My job is to prepare students to become valuable contributing members of the 21st Century with the skills necessary to become college and career ready.  

Our motto in our Room 5 community is “Teamwork”.  Watching students preserver through complex text, collaborate on group projects, grapple with rich real-world math tasks, and become budding scientists is intrinsically rewarding to me.  I know that the time we spend together, just one fleeting year, can leave a positive impression that can last a lifetime.  Thank-you for entrusting me with the gift of your child.  

Kathleen Taila 


Educational Preparation:

Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Diversified Liberal Arts from the University of San Diego.

Received my preliminary K-8 teaching credential from the University of San Diego as an undergraduate. 

Cleared my credential through San Diego State University graduate program.

Studied abroad in Guadalajara, Mexico for 8 units through the University of San Diego Summer School Program.

Graduate work taken at San Diego State University and National University in Cross-cultural, Language, and Academic Development (CLAD).

Tier 1 Gifted and Talented Education certificate earned through San Diego State University (8/1/14). 

Master’s Degree in Elementary Education received from American College of Education (6/1/14).

Sally Ride Conference Summer Institute participant 2014.

 San Diego County Office of Education Science Institute participant 2014-2015.

Project Lead the Way Conference participant (2017)

 California English Learner Authorization (Current).


Teaching Experience:

I graduated in 1990 from USD with my DLA degree and teaching credential.  Since then, I have completed my Master’s Program in Curriculum and Development.  2017 will begin my 28th year teaching at the elementary level.  I have taught everything from Kindergarten through fifth grade, with most of my experience being in grades 2nd though 3rd grade.  I first began my career as a prep teacher for library and computer enrichment.  I also have experience supporting site-based teacher development as a peer coach/ staff developer and resource support teacher.