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Gift and Talented Education (GATE) is a California Program which provides challenging curriculum and instruction to identified students. Students are identified by district psychologists who administer tests to all 2nd graders and students who are new to our school in grades 3, 4 and 5. The results determine placement in the GATE program for the following year and through grade 12. 

Special Education and Supportive Services

Parents may request that a district psychologist and resource specialist evaluate their child for learning disabilities. Requests are to be made to the principal. The IST (Instructional Study Team) meets with parent(s)/guardian(s) to determine the appropriateness of the request.

Special Education Resource Specialist

 Rieke   Email at arieke@sandi.net 
Ms. Angela Rieke serves as a member of the Instructional Study Team to assess the academic needs of students. If students qualify, a program is designed to meet their needs.

School Psychologist        and         Intern Psychologist 


Ms. Amy Clarey serves as members of the Instructional Study Team to assess the academic and emotional/behavioral needs of students recommended by their classroom teacher. Ms. Clarey is at CPJMA on Thursday's.

District Counselor


Currently, Ms. Tania Ramirez is at Crown Point on Mondays and Fridays. Her role is to assist students via social, emotional, behavioral supports so that they may access the learning in the classroom. She also consults with teachers and conference with parents and make referrals to community services. Additionally, she helps address the importance of daily consistent attendance and on time arrival at school.

 Speech and Language Specialist

 henson  Email at chenson@sandi.net 

Speech and language specialist Cindy Henson assesses children who require additional support in developing communication skills appropriate to their ability/age level. If the student qualifies, the speech and language pathologist creates an individualized program for the student and provides the needed support.