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Ms. Bennett





Full Name: Tirza Bennett

You can call me...: Ms. Bennett

E-mail: tbennett@sandi.net


My name is Tirza Bennett, however, students may address me as Ms. Bennett.  My favorite foods are tomatoes and pinnaple. My favorite color is green.   As a child, I always loved reading because it taught me about language and the world while taking me to so many wonderful and different places.  A book that I continue to love is “The little Engine That Could”; it taught me to persevere.  From a young age, I was drawn to movies with excellent music that had me singing and dancing (specifically “The king and I” and “Jesus Christ Superstar”).  Whenever I have a break from teaching, I’ll either be building something or flying somewhere.   I have taught every grade from TK to 3rd and this year will mark my 18th year of teaching.

Transitional Kindergarten is the first year in a two-year Kindergarten program.  The curriculum focuses largely on language and social-emotional development.  TK prepares a child to be successful in their upcoming kindergarten year.  Although the TK students will be exposed to the K curriculum and standards, they will have two years to master them.

My class will be busy and productive for all my students.  The students will be working hard and having fun.  We will build a strong foundation of listening and speaking while incorporating music into our classroom learning as much as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. The quickest way to reach me is by email. 

My Background
I was born in Indiana just 30 minutes away from downtown Chicago.  The Chicago roots have given me a love for Blues music.  My single mother raised eight children while working and earning two Bachelor's Degrees.  I have six brothers and one sister.

I have had many jobs previous to, and while working toward, my Bachelor's Degree and Teaching Credential from SDSU.  Most notably were my years in the travel industry.  I was a Travel Agent, worked at two car rental agencies, and spent many fun years working at two different airlines.  I am quite fond of my airline time where I did almost every job dealing with the airplane ground operations. 
I've done:
            • ticketing
            • gates
            • baggage handling
            • aircraft cleaning

And, I even guided airplanes in and out of the gates.  I think my time spent calculating aircraft weight and balance was what got me excited about Math.  In college, I earned my Liberal Arts Degree with a Specialization in Mathematics.  I have a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with a CLAD emphasis and Supplemental Authorizations in English, Social Science, and Math.  

My love of Math continues today.