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Music - Mrs. Hradsky

Music - Mrs. Hradsky

Room 18, ahradsky@sandi.net 


Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to the music class 2018/2019 at Crown Point Junior Music Academy. Please, let me introduce myself. My name is Anna Hradsky, but students can call me Miss Anna, or Mrs. H. I am excited about being given this opportunity to share my love of music with your children this year.

I was born in the Slovak Republic, where I received my Masters degree in music and Slavic language and literature. I also hold certification of Orff Level I. I have been teaching music for twelve years in public schools here in California, and privately over twenty years. My emphasis are on vocal and choral music education.

A new and challenging year awaits us. We are going to be learning to sing songs, read music notes, learn music history, learn how to dance and play instruments, along with singing and listening to choral music. My music classes are going to be based on the Orff approach with emphasis on folk songs. We will focus on music process itself, rather than performance, and connection with literacy. Students will participate in learning many songs with motion, body percussion, and rhythmic instruments.

I came from a music family. My father was a music teacher, and my mother and grandmother loved to sing. When I was about six year old, I first performed on stage in front of the public. My favorite music style was and still is Slovak folklore. I was a part of various folklore dancing and singing groups in Slovakia for more than 10 years and part of many choirs for 17 years. When I came to the US, I missed my folklore groups so much that I decided to create one in San Diego. Currently, I am director of two Slovak folklore dancing and singing groups:  Karicka and Podkovicka.  With these groups we continue the Slovak and Czech traditions, and participate at local festivals. Besides singing and dancing, I love to play piano, accordion, and compose music. I love to read, travel, embroider, and solve Sudoku.