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K/1st Grade - Mrs. Tessaro-Love

Mrs Tessaro-Love

Full Name:

Lisa Tessaro-Love

You can call me...: Ms. T

Room 8



 I started teaching in 1997. This marks the beginning of my 22nd year teaching Elementary School in San Diego! After 6 years working at a charter school in City Heights, I found Crown Point Junior Music Academy and have considered it my home away from home ever since. I have 1 husband, 2 daughters, and countless hobbies that keep me busy when I'm not at work. My sincerest desire is that all children live up to their highest potential and I work tirelessly and passionately to reach this goal. I also strongly believe that childhood is a journey, not a race. Every year I look forward to embarking on this fun-filled trip we call First Grade!


        A little bit more about Ms. T…

               Hobby: Cooking/Gardening

               My Favorite Food: Just about anything: I love to eat!

               My Favorite Color: Burgundy and Blue

               My CHILDHOOD Favorite book: Goodnight Moon and The Little Prince

               My CHILDHOOD Favorite Movie: Annie and Pinocchio

               My CHILDHOOD Favorite Subject: Spelling