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2/3rd Grade - Mrs. Sor

Mrs. Sor

Mrs. Sor

Room 13



Classroom Supplies Wish List: 

-Brightly colored printer paper (Costco Or Staples)

-Kleenex (We go through these quickly!!)

-Hand wipes (baby wipes)

-Anti-bacterial soap

-Computer Headphones

-Paper towels

-Avery Address Labels

-Small toys for our treasure box



               Hello, my name is Susie Sor, lead third grade teacher, and I am really glad to welcome you and your child to my classroom this year.  I have been teaching for 26 years with San Diego Unified School District.  I have taught first/second grade for seventeen years. I also taught kindergarten for one year and it was a tough year, no kidding!  This is my 7th year teaching third grade.   I have a master’s degree in Cross-cultural Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.  I am also a GATE Certified teacher so I will be implementing GATE strategies and enrichment projects throughout the year.  

               This year will be challenging for your child because this will be the first year of Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium, SBAC testing.  However, I will try to make the subjects more interesting as well as easier, so that each child understands as well as enjoys the subjects.  Moreover, I do not just want to stick to academics. Rather, I am planning activities to develop the creative skills and interests of students.  I hope to make this academic year, an educational as well as a fun-filled year for the students. 

               I am always working with the children to create a positive environment that fosters their inner discipline, promotes learning and teaches responsibility. In our class the children will become good readers, writers and mathematicians.  We will also be learning geography and map skills in third grade. Their artistic talents will also be nurtured and strengthened as the year progresses.

               I believe strongly in teamwork where school and family are committed to helping the children.  If you would like to meet me to discuss your child's performance or any other concerns that he/she is facing in class, feel free to contact me at 858-987-5500 ext 2113 or see me after school.  Also, I will be using ClassDojo for classroom management and communication with parents.


        A little bit more about Mrs. Sor…

               Hobby: I love collecting post cards from different places

               My Favorite Food: Thai Food

               My Favorite Color: Purple

               My CHILDHOOD Favorite book: Anne of Green Gables

               My CHILDHOOD Favorite Movie: Little Women

               My CHILDHOOD Favorite Subject: Math Absolutely!