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3rd Grade - Mrs. Nichols

Mrs. Nichols - 3rd Grade

Room 10, snichols2@sandi.net

Mrs Nichols

Hi my name is Mrs. Sarah Nichols.  I’m excited to say this will be my second year at Crown Point Junior Music Academy, although I’ve been a teacher in the district for 18 years.  I have a Masters in Education with a focus in Curriculum Design and Instruction.  I am GATE certified and have taught GATE cluster classes for many years.  I have also spent 2 years working as a Peer Coach/Resource teacher working closely with other teachers and their students.   

I have high expectations for all my students and believe every child is capable of learning the expected grade level state standards.  I teach using multiple strategies and differentiate instruction based on student needs.  I believe incorporating whole group and small group instruction is essential for student learning.  I am looking forward to the upcoming year and hope to get a chance to meet you all real soon!