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5th Grade - Mr. Champion

Mr Champion

Full Name:

Ben Champion

Room 17

E-mail: bchampion@sandi.net

               My name is Ben Champion and I’ve been teaching with San Diego Unified for 16 years. I have a passion for education and music….so this school is a perfect fit! My philosophy of teaching revolves around the advancement of humanity. Students should know that everything they do or don’t do makes a difference now and in the future, personally and on a societal level, and beyond…..

               I am a PTO member, work with the Modern Band music club, have a son who attends CPJMA, enjoy collaborating with teachers, parents, administrators, and the community, and I enjoy helping make CPJMA the high-caliber school that it is. 

               I grew up in the Santa Cruz Mountains and then moved to the Bay Area. I have lived in Spain, Japan, Mexico, Oregon, and California. My mother was a teacher and my father was a psychologist. I have two very cool sons (Charlie and Owen), and a fantastic wife (Maegan). 

               In room 17, you will notice that students are focused on learning, having fun, researching topics that interest them, not afraid to fail, working together, working alone, asking questions, singing, clapping, smiling, helping one another, reading, writing, rereading, rewriting, singing again, noticing patterns in math and all around them, curling up with a book, solving problems, creating problems, forming a hypothesis, looking at patterns in history, sharing their thoughts, writing songs…..and then we go to lunch.


        A little bit more about Mr. Champion…

               Hobby: I love being with my wife, Maegan, and my two sons, Charlie and Owen,

               I love jamming with friends in the garage, gardening, cooking, traveling, mountain biking, jogging,

               building things, being outside, and much, much more.

               My Favorite Food: The almighty sandwich

               My Favorite Color: Black or blue (but not both at the same time!)

               My CHILDHOOD Favorite book: Mr. Paint Pig

               My CHILDHOOD Favorite Movie: The Never-Ending Story

               My CHILDHOOD Favorite Subject: Lunch