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Maltz, Shira

 7th Grade Science

So, that old bit about putting an apple on the teacher's desk...they must not have had mangos back then.  This may or may not be a subtle (or not so subtle) hint, for those of you whose child(ren) will be gracing my classroom this year.

My name is Shira Maltz.  I am the one who will open your child's mind to the living world around them and teach them how to understand, investigate, explore, and protect it.  I have been teaching since 1999, and have been fortunate enough to experience teaching at multiple schools, multiple grade levels, and multiple subjects over the past fifteen years.  I have a BS in Biology from UCSD,  an MA in Education: Curriculum & Instruction, a multiple subject credential, a science supplemental credential, a math supplemental credential, and I am GATE certified.  I never intend to stop learning, so I am currently working on my MS in Biology.

This is my second year at CPMA, and I am very excited to become a part of the fabric of this great school, and part of your child's enrichment and education.  I believe that teaching should be fun, and learning should be even funner (that's why I am not in the English department, folks).  I believe that every child can learn, but also learn to love learning.  Your child will have fun in my class, your child will smile in my class, your child will laugh in my class, your child will grow in my class, and your child will learn in my class.  I swear to all of this on a crate of ripe mangos.

I am a firm believer in delivering information in quirky/interesting ways--makes it easier to digest and retain.  Normally, I would make up a song for this bit, but I'll save those shenanigans for the classroom (you've been warned).  So, here's a quick rundown of some of my passions outside of teaching...in narrative form:

I would be happy to crochet you a San Jose Sharks (hockey) beanie once I complete my purchase of Foo Fighters concert tickets.  We just took the cutest five year old in the world to see Jason Mraz, and I know that is the first of many concerts we will take him to.  I can tell you all about Ry (the aforementioned five year old), if you'd care to meet me at the beach, swing by my place for some arts and crafts, or (and I know, we just met) whisk my family and I away on a whirlwind, world wide scuba diving tour?  OK, that last bit was a shot in the dark...maybe just an eco tour that tracks blue whales from polar waters down to someplace nice and tropical (where I may or may not stay a while and sit on a warm, sandy beach)?  OK, fine...can you at least unlock my Candy Crush level, and tell me who you think deserves to win this season of 'So You Think You Can Dance'?   Anyway, I am almost late for Pilates, so I am going to finish my (mango) smoothie and head off...see you around the classroom!