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Vu, Quyen

Greetings Students & Families! 
Thank you for showing interest in your favorite math teacher! Haha! Just kidding! Below are some tidbits about Ms. Vu in case you are curious or want to surprise her with an early birthday present. =D
Ms. Vu received her Bachelor of Arts from San Diego State University. She has taught for a total of 10 years (9 at CPMA & 1 at Millennial Tech Middle). She is currently pursuing a master's degree in education at the University of San Diego and will be completing her degree program in Fall 2017.
Singing (I'm not good at it; I just like to do it.)
Watching movies
Cooking (and eating)
Playing video games
Listening to music
Taking naps =)
My Favorites: 
Movie: Studio Ghibli Films
TV Show: Naruto
Food: too many to choose; food is so good
Music: heavy metal