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Bus Service & Fees
Students who live within the district and outside of a five mile radius of CPMA qualify for transportation to our magnet program.  Students who live in the iMiddle, Marston and Standley attendance areas do not not qualify. Most students who live in the Montgomery and Taft attendance areas also do not qualify, though there are a few exceptions. 
On February 23, 2010 the Board of Education directed the charging of a fee for student transportation with the exception of Special Education students with an IEP that specifies that transportation is required, students certified to receive Free or Reduced Lunch, or students with a household income below those identified on the Free Transportation Eligibility Scale.  It is important to communicate with the transportation department and provide proof of your qualification for a fee waiver. Families who do not provide this proof or pay the fee when it is due will lose their transportation services.
For more information please see the district web page at http://www.sandi.net/transportationfees


Regular Buses Service
If you have problems or changes with your child's bus service, please contact Mrs. Rohrbacher as soon as possible at 858-800-5551. It usually takes 2 weeks to get a change made, but Mrs. Rorhbacher can give your student a pass to ride the new bus or go to a new stop before the change becomes official. Students must ride their assigned bus to their assigned stop. Drivers are not authorized to allow students to get off at other stops without a pass from the school, and we are not authorized to give students passes for alternate transportation without a parent's or guardian's written permission. To get a pass, the students must bring a signed note from the parent or guardian and give it to Mrs. Lopez in the main office or Mrs. Rohrbacher in the magnet office by the end of lunchtime. In the note, please request the date the guest pass is needed, the bus route by letter and the specific stop required. We are not able to issue passes at the end of the day or out at busses. Students must take care of this business by the end of lunch.


Bus Contract 
All students who ride the bus are required to have a signed bus contract on file with the school.  The rules outlined in the bus contract, as well as all school rules, are expected to be followed on the bus and in all loading zones.  A copy of the bus contract can be found here.  If a students violates the bus contract the driver may write the student a bus referral.  The consequences for bus referrals are as follows:


   #1 referral:  parent notified ( referral sent home for signature) , review of rules, warning and/or campus beautification
   #2 referral:  parent called, review of rules, detention
   #3 referral:  parent called, suspended from the bus for two days, sit in the front of the bus
   #4 referral:  parent called, parent meeting held, suspended from the bus for five days
   #5 referral:  parent called, student not allowed to ride the bus for the rest of the year.  Parent is responsible for providing transportation to and from school


We reserve the right to override the above consequences if the violation is particularly serious.  For example, such behaviors as fighting, throwingthings out of the window, abusive language and zero tolerance offenses among others can result in immediate bus and/or school suspension.



Late Activity Buses
The school district provides Late Activity buses on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Late activity buses will start operating September 22nd . These buses give our students the opportunity to stay for tutoring, rehearsals, clubs or other after school activities. Students can only stay after school and take the late activity bus if they are under the supervision of a teacher or staff member. The supervising teacher will give students late bus passes. Students must have a late bus pass in order to ride the bus. Late bus passes will only be given by the supervising teacher and cannot be obtained from the office or another staff member.
The buses are scheduled to leave at 5:10 p.m., but sometimes they are late getting to CPMA because they are finishing a route for another school.  Five late activity buses have been scheduled this year for express routing. Two stops per high school attendance boundary have been assigned. The children will be delivered to their residence neighborhood, but not necessarily to their regular stop. Many of the stops are farther than you will want your child to walk, and someone will need to pick them up from the bus stop. If the stop is too far from your home for your child to walk safely and you cannot pick your child up from the stop, your child should not stay after school or use the late activity bus. If you have a question about your child’s late bus stop, call Mrs. Rohrbacher at 858-800-5551.