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Student Grades Online  
NOTE:   The grading periods that may be in the list, in order of time through the school year:     
              P1  / Q1  ---  first 9 weeks progress report  /  Q1 is the first quarter  for the wheel classes only, Quarter 1 final grade shows under P1 after the quarter ends
              S1 / Q2  ---   first semester grade /   second  Quarter grade for the wheel classes
                   F1    ----  final semester 1 grade and the second quarter grade for wheel classes combined into one column after the first semester ends
              P3 / Q3  ---   third 9 weeks progress report, half way through the second semester,   Q3 is the third quarter for the wheel classes only, Quarter 3 final grade shows under P3 after the quarter ends
              S2 / Q4   --   semester 2 grade  /  fourth quarter grade for the wheel classes
                   F2  -- final grade for second semester and the fourth quarter for wheel classes combined in one column after the year ends