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Shirley-Dancoff, Aspen

Hi!  I'm Ms. Shirley-Dancoff.  I am very happy to be working here at Creative Performing and Media Arts in the STARS program.  I was fortunate to go to another creative arts school within our district, many moons ago.  Looking back, I would have to say that access to an arts education was very instrumental to my success in middle school and high school, and in developing my interest in going to and doing well in college at UC Davis.  I believe that all students should have access to an arts education, and I am very happy to be on a campus that supports this. 

I also strongly believe that all students should have access to an educational experience that supports their own individual learning needs and preferences throughout all areas of study.  The STARS program here at CPMA is so exciting because it offers our students just that.  I warmly welcome parent and student feedback at any time into how I can make my students' individualized education more stimulating and effective. 

My qualifications include a mild moderate education specialist credential, and a multiple subject with bilingual authorization credential, both from SDSU.  I also have a Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate that provided me the opportunity to teach English in Prague, Czech-Republic.  Currently, I am completeing my education specialist credential, with a transition specialist certificate, at SDSU.  I am fascinated by creating more successful transitions after high school into work, education, independent living, and social opportunities.

There are many things I like to do for fun in our community.  I love dancing all types of dance and eating all types of food.  I also love going to museums, and taking photos during hiking excursions.  I don't do as much painting as I used to when I was younger, but I'm hoping being here at CPMA will motivate me to get back into it.

Shirley-Dancoff, Aspen | Creative Performing Media Arts


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