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Scott Thomason, Principal

Before I tell you about myself, I have a disclaimer; I believe there is aconspiracy amongst all photographers everywhere to intentionally add fifteen pounds to all the pictures I have taken since I turned forty...because, I guarantee I don't look that big in person.Now, about me; I am not sure when exactly it occurred, but at some point in life, my definition of self became less about me and more about family. And, while I am proud of all the accomplishments I've had in life, it is my role as a husband and father of which I am most proud. I have four amazing children, all brilliant, beautiful, and entertaining, as well as a wife who is either a saint for putting up with me or slightly insane for the same reasons, but who is, nonetheless , a beautiful, intelligent, and amazing life partner.

Starting my 7th year at CPMA, I have seen an amazing amount of change over the years.  Whether it be new staff, new greenery, or our brand new performing arts center (PAC), CPMA has blossomed into what I believe is the premiere middle school in the district.  Championing our students, our staff, and our programs has been the hardest and most fulfilling thing I have ever done.

Looking ahead, I envision a school where our students are free to grow, to express, to laugh, to cry, and to be the best version of themselves.  Perhaps, in an era where it seems students are more accepting, more open to uniqueness, more diverse than ever before, they can be the generation that teaches all of us how to truly live and let live.  I am optimistic for the future because of who our kids are, not discouraged by what they are not.  And that is what makes being a principal such a great job to have.

I look forward to getting to know you all as the days go by…