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Law, Mary Kay

I am entering my 11th year with SDUSD as special education teacher. I have worked in 3 states (FL; PA and CA), started my career in Orlando, Florida with classroom of high school students such as my class at CPMA. I was a M.O.V.E. site trainer for my schools and I plan to get trained and recertified in M.O.V.E.While here in San Diego, I have taught the moderate /severe classes (both high school and middle school) and co taught in General Education in middle school math for students with mild/moderate disabilities.

When I worked in classrooms in my career in other districts similar to CPMA our facilities were not as nice as CPMA so I am very relieved by the great facilities. I am very excited about the openness and enthusiasm to include my students in as many classes/experiences with their peers as possible. I look forward to working with all the kids and achieving great experiences with/for them at CPMA.