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Garcia, Ricardo

2016-2017 will be my 21st year of teaching and working in San Diego Unified. I have the great joy to have worked in the Clairemont Mesa Cluster for over 16 years. I began teaching high school music at Clairemont High School and taught at Madison High as well. I opened the music programs at IMIDDLE and at Mark Twain, and have started Orchestras at every school I have been at, which was not only a challenge but a great joy to do, and from these programs I gained a foundation in building programs from the bottom up. 

For the last five years I have taken a new challenge here at CPMA middle. The goal of building a world class music program that can showcase the talent and dedication of our students, regardless of the adversity of every day reality. This focus on our student’s abilities has been a daily part of my teaching and class structure. With this kind of focus we hope to bring CPMA the national attention it deserves.  Music is the marriage of not only the creative and the technical but as well as the analytical all rolled into one package.

Being GATE certified and with my degrees from San Diego State University in history and Social Science I have begun a new challenge in teaching 7th grade world history. I want my students to learn the importance of the role of music has in the development of the cognitive mind as well how history can change the world.