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Brandon Lemmon, VP


Mr. Lemmon began his career in education working at Patrick Henry High School for only few hours a week.  After completing his Bachelor’s Degree at SDSU he then student taught at Wilson Middle School and Patrick Henry High School.  His teaching career continued at PHHS teaching physics and math.  Early in his teaching career he obtained a Master of Science degree from National University.  Eventually Mr. Lemmon transitioned into a computer and technology teaching position, and helped develop a course in technical support which supported the entire campus technical needs.  In addition to the technical support Mr. Lemmon taught AP Computer Science.

As Mr. Lemmon became more involved in school and district level projects he obtained his administrative services credential from SDSU.  He then stayed at PHHS and transitioned to Dean of Attendance and discipline, then interim vice principal, and eventually vice principal.

Mr. Lemmon came to CPMA as a vice principal in October of 2010 excited at the opportunity to work with younger students at a more critical and meaningful time of their life.  This opportunity also challenged Mr. Lemmon outside of his technical expertise and brought a great learning experience in the areas of visual and performing arts at the core of CPMA’s mission.As the core of his educational philosophy Mr. Lemmon believes in getting to know the students and staff and working cooperatively as a team to achieve great success.  He enjoys the challenges of CPMA and looks forward to working with each and every family.