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2017-2018 PrimeTime Applications

Applications come out at 6:00am PST on Monday, March 6th.

Parents, please know that the timestamp on the system is in Central Standard Time, not Pacific Standard Time so it will show that they registered 2 hours later than they actually did. 

Parents must have an email address to complete an online application. 
Computer access will be available at ELO, County offices of Ed., and the application is accessible by mobile devices (iPhones, tablets, iPads, Etc.). A list of locations will be available on Sandi.net
Parents need to use students LEGAL name. 
Initial application process ends May 5th, 2017. 
Parents will be notified via email of 17/18 PrimeTime status by June 30th. 
You may access the application through any computer or mobile device, such as a cell phone or tablet, with internet connection. If you need internet access you may visit a public library, SDUSD's Extended Learning Opportunities Department located at 2441 Cardinal Lane, Bldg A (92123) or SDUSD's Education Center main lobby located at 4100 Normal Street (92103).


Follow this link to the Primetime application online

2017-2018 PrimeTime Applications | Creative Performing Media Arts


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