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Principal's Message

Dear Crawford Colts,

It is with great excitement and expectation for a successful new school year that I greet you through this letter. We will open this year with a freshly painted campus and focused expectation of success for all students. Last year it was my pleasure to shake the hands of our 2018 graduates. Each student who walked the stage displayed pride, promise and a commitment to making success in their next journey an expected accomplishment. It this with this image that I see the students in the classes of 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. It is my vision that we will this year break records of success and work together to ensure that each student who enters Crawford graduates on time ready to enter a college or career of their choice.

This year students will be expected to act in accordance with the expectations of being a COLT. Each letter in the word Colt has a significant behavioral and academic expectation in which we all would expect each student to act in accordance with. It is our equal expectation that each student will earn nothing less than a C in any class as D grade will not be used on campus. A D gives a false sense of passage and does not permit a student to have the requisite GPA or grades to meet the minimum high school graduation or college entrance requirements. It is my hope that it will be hard for students to fail a course. Last year there were many opportunities of intervention, enrichment, and support that students did not take advantage of. As a result students missed the opportunity to pass courses, earn additional credits, and even earn potential scholarship money. This year it is my goal that we have a record rate of course passage, significant amount of students receiving scholarships or internships, and a high rate of student attendance.

This year we will host more events and opportunities for parents/guardians to engage with students and staff on campus. We hope that your interactions and presence on campus will support the work on our campus and provide you with a living perspective of the great things that are occurring on the campus of Crawford High School.


Richard F. Lawrence Jr., Ed.D.