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The Joint Vice Principal Position

Correia and Dana Middle Schools are excited about our two joint Vice Principal positions. Sharing Vice Principals across both Correia and Dana allows for a greater alignment of curriculum, smoother transitions for students and the opportunity to create a common vision for our stakeholders as we follow "The Pointer Way" of being connected.  Jennifer O'Connor and Kate Dominique have served the teachers, students, and parents of San Diego Unified in a variety of capacities.  Jennifer's most recent role was as a Common Core Resource Teacher at the District Office, supporting the implementation of the Standards across the district.  Kate was an English teacher and International Baccalaureate (IB) Coordinator with San Diego Unified, and comes back to us from the east coast where she was an IB and Advanced Placement Coordinator and School Counselor.       
Ms. O'Connor and Ms. Dominique work at each school on a weekly basis.  Ms. O'Connor will begin the year at Dana, working the week of August 29th - September 2nd, while Ms. Dominique is at Correia.  The following week, September 6th - September 9th, Ms. Dominique with be at Dana and Ms. O'Connor will be at Correia.  This schedule of every other week will continue throughout the school year.
To learn more about Ms O'Connor, please visit her page here.
To learn more about Ms. Dominique, please visit her page here.