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Try as we may to perfect our scheduling, some errors will occur.  Should your child's schedule reflect an error similar to the examples below, fill out a “Request to See Counselor” form, found on the Correia website.  Return the form to either the Correia School Office or the Correia Counseling Center and the corrections will be made as soon as possible. Changes may take up to three weeks, are subject to classroom availability, and may result in a total schedule change including your child’s lunch period.


Examples of an error include:


  • Scheduled for Spanish 3-4 when a student has not taken Spanish 1-2
  • Scheduled for Advanced Band when a student has never been in Beginning Band
  • Scheduled for 8th grade English Language Arts when a student is a 7th grader
  • Scheduled for duplicate classes such as two Science classes


Students should continue with their current class schedule until notified by their counselor of any changes. Our counselors and site technician are trained to handle the scheduling of students. Your patience is appreciated during these first few weeks of school.




The following examples are considered "non-errors" and will not be considered for schedule changes: 




·         Students assigned to a class taught by someone other than their favorite teacher


  • Students assigned to classes that don't have their best friends enrolled
  • Students assigned to an elective class that wasn't their first, and maybe not even their second choice
  • Schedule change request forms are not accepted for changing lunch periods

Request to See Counselor Form