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Preparing Your Children For Careers That Don’t Yet Exist – May 23

Our students are entering a world that demands creative, energetic, problem-solvers who willingly collaborate with others. Excelling in academics is no longer enough. Our children need to develop a growth mindset that fosters ownership of learning and the ability to learn from failure.
Students need emotionally and relationally healthy learning environments in order to develop these skills. Learn how to create stimulating environments at home that produce competent students who are caring and literate.
This parent seminar will provide practical techniques that can easily be implemented in your home. We will explore the power of language, techniques for incorporating design thinking into daily events, and tips and tricks for helping children become creative thinkers and communicators.
All ages are welcome. Please bring your spouse and children to this family-orientated event.

This seminar will be enlightening for any parent who wishes to be more aware of the many ways he/she can help his/her child acquire the skills that will lead to success in high school and beyond.


Tuesday, May 23rd
5:30 to 7:00 PM
Correia Middle School Library