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Academic Honesty Policy

 “Honesty” is often defined as truthfulness and trustworthiness.  One of the goals of Correia Middle School is to teach these values to students.  While students have strong limitations on our campus, they also have the freedom in which to practice the higher values of integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness.  As in the larger society, however, there will be times when certain students will not make proper choices and abuse this freedom.  When an instance of cheating occurs, it is the responsibility of the school to react, so that when a student is dishonest, he/she learns a valuable, lifelong lesson about the importance of being honest.  Acts of academic dishonesty are of major importance to Correia and include the following:

·        Cheating on Tests or Assignments: A student is cheating when he/she is guilty of dishonesty on any exam, quiz, or assignment, or when he/she knowingly assists another in dishonesty on any exam, quiz, or assignment.

·        Forgery: A student is guilty of forgery when he/she is guilty of imitating or counterfeiting another person’s signature, work, data, e-work, and/or homework assignments.

·        Plagiarism: A student is guilty of plagiarism when he/she is caught copying another student’s work, data, disk, homework assignments, and/or textbook material (including any published print and electronic material) and is claiming the work as his/her own.

·        Theft or Alteration of Materials: A student is guilty of theft or alteration of materials if he/she is caught stealing, exchanging, or altering test documents, class materials, and/or teacher’s records.  This includes a student involved in selling, distributing or accepting stolen testing materials - or a student who refuses to cooperate in an investigation of cheating.

       Consequences will include one or more of the following:

·        Students will receive a zero on the assignment, quiz, or test.

·        The teacher will notify parent.

·        Referral to a counselor.

·        Referral to the Vice Principal with possible suspension.

A.S.B. – Associated Student Body

The purpose of A.S.B. is to promote school spirit and develop leadership.  ASB officers apply and are selected based on grades, citizenship and recommendations.  These students model leadership and promote teamwork within the Correia Community.  Every student is automatically a member of the Associated Student Body. 


Attendance – Every Day Counts!  Higher Attendance Equals Higher Achievement


Absences – When a student is absent, the student’s parent/guardian must call or send a note to the Attendance Office.  The district’s School Messenger system will make automated phone calls and send automated emails when students are absent or tardy.  Please be sure to have your correct contact information on file with the Attendance Office. 


Excessive Absences - Students who have excessive absences may enter into a process called Student Attendance Review Board (S.A.R.B.), which may lead to court intervention if absences continue to be a problem.


Excused Absences – The State of California only excuses certain types of absences, which include illness, doctor or dentist appointments, injury or personal/family emergencies.  For details regarding district and state attendance policies, please check the district’s website at www.sandi.net.


Doctor’s Appointments, Early Dismissal – A parent/guardian must request an early dismissal for a student by phone call or note to the Attendance Office – not the child’s teacher.  Please call as soon as possible.  It may take up to 15 minutes to retrieve the student from a classroom, especially PE class.  Any student leaving campus early without a blue release slip is considered truant.


Extended Absences/Contracts – If your child is going to be absent for 5 or more days, please contact the attendance office at least 5 days in advance so that teachers can prepare a homework packet for your student. Students are required to have homework completed and submitted to their teachers upon return to school in order to receive credit. Late notifications will not guarantee homework and subsequently a student’s grade could be affected.

Letters for Excessive Absences - The district has a set schedule of when letters are mailed home regarding absences they consider to be more than normal.  Please view your child’s attendance record through your ParentConnection account or call the Attendance Office if you have a question.


Tardies and Truancies – If a student is tardy or truant, he/she will receive lunch detention.  In an effort to notify parents in a timely manner, the school reports tardies via an automated phone call to phone numbers on file. 


Tardy Sweep - Unannounced sweeps will take place during the school year.  During a tardy sweep, teachers are instructed to close their doors when the bell rings and send students who are tardy to the auditorium.  All students who are tardy to school on the day of a tardy sweep may be issued lunch detention or after school detention.



Books – Library and Textbook - You may visit the Library Media Center before and after school each day.  During class hours, you must have a pass from your teacher to be admitted.  The library staff is here to help you.  Be sure to ask for help if you can’t find something.

   Please observe the following rules when using the Library Media Center:

1.      Students must have a pass in order to go to the library during class time.

2.      Books are checked out at the circulation desk only with an I.D. card.

3.      Observe the due dates stamped in the books you select.  Books are checked out for two weeks.

4.      Students with overdue books will be charged a fine of 5 cents per day for regular books circulating two weeks. All library fines must be cleared in order to register for the next year’s classes.

5.      Drinks, gum and food are not allowed.

6.      Be considerate.  No loud talking or disruptive behavior.  Other people have the right to silence when they are working.

Textbooks will be issued through the Library Media Center.  Although all textbooks are furnished free of charge, students are required to pay for any losses or damages beyond “normal wear.”  If a book is lost, the student must pay for the cost of the book. 


Bullying and Harassment, and Intimidation Prohibition Policy

In its commitment to providing all students and staff with a safe learning environment where everyone is treated with respect and no one is physically or emotionally harmed, the Board of Education and Correia Middle School will not tolerate any student or staff member being bullied (including cyberbullying), harassed, or intimidated in any form at school or schoolrelated events, (including offcampus events, schoolsponsored activities, school busses, any event related to school business), or outside of school hours with the intention to be carried out during any of the above.


Such acts include those that are reasonably perceived as being motivated either by an actual or perceived attribute that includes but is not limited to race, religion, creed, color, marital status, parental status, veteran status, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, age, mental or physical disability or any other distinguishing characteristic. The district further prohibits the inciting, aiding, coercing or directing of others to commit acts of bullying or cyberbullying, harassment or intimidation.


Any staff member that observes, overhears or otherwise witnesses bullying (including cyberbullying), harassment, or intimidation, or to whom such actions have been reported must take prompt and appropriate action to stop the behavior and to prevent its reoccurrence as detailed in the applicable Administrative Procedure. Students who observe, overhear, or is prohibited. To view the district's otherwise witness such actions must, and parents/district visitors are encouraged to report the behaviors to a staff member. At Correia, the principal or principal’s designee is responsible for receiving and promptly investigating complaints alleging violations of this policy. Any form of retaliation in response to a report of such acts policy, please go to www.sandi.net/domain/14207.


Bus Eligibility - Only students who have originally enrolled at Correia through the VEEP Program are eligible for transportation services.  Neighborhood students are required to provide their own transportation.


Bus Problems - Late Bus - Contact the district’s Transportation Department at 858-496-8460.

                                  Lost Items on Bus - Contact the district’s Transportation Department at 858-496-8460.

                                  Missed Bus - If student is going to be absent or late, contact Correia’s Attendance Office at 619-222-0476.

                                  Discipline Issues on Bus - Contact your child’s counselor at 619-222-0476.


Bus Rules

1.  Be at the bus stop on time and board immediately.                           

2.  Show respect at all times in your voice, tone, and body language.

3.  Follow all school/bus rules and bus driver directions.                        

4.  Do not get off the bus once you have boarded the bus.

5.  No food or drink allowed on the bus.

6.  Cell phones are not to be used on the bus unless there is an emergency.  Students may use cell phones at the direction of an adult.

7.  Have your bus pass ready every day.  It is your school ID card with a bus sticker.  Students who do not have a bus pass may    

     not be allowed on the bus and parent will have to pick the student up from school.  Temporary bus passes are only issued  

     before and after school or during lunch.

8.  If you lose your ID card, you must purchase a replacement for $5.00.  Correia will give you the first ID card for free.


If these policies and/or procedures are violated, a staff member and bus driver will apply the following supports in a consistent manner.  Repeated loss of bus pass may result in lunch clean-up and/or detention.  For complete set of rules and policies, see the booklet “Information about Your School Bus Service” published by San Diego City Schools and distributed at the beginning of the year with your bus stop information. 

1st Offense:   Warning, parent contacted

2nd Offense:  Seat Change, parent contacted and student is issued consequences

3rd Offense:   Bus referral to counselor

If a student does not follow the assigned consequences, the student will advance to the next step in the list of consequences.

Consequences for not following bus rules may include the following:

 After-school detention, in-school suspension, lunch detention, lunch clean-up, suspension from riding bus

 A parent conference may be held at any time


Bus - Staying After School - Students who ride the bus may only stay after school to ride the late bus if they have school business such as EDRP/EDMP (after school reading or math class), P.E. make-ups, a club meeting, intramural sports, or tutoring.  The student must have parent permission and teacher permission before staying after school.  Students must remain with the teacher until the after school bus pickup time.  Students are not allowed to leave campus and then return to take the late bus.  Not all transportation routes have a close bus stop.  Students should check the late bus stop list before staying after school.  If a student stays late without permission, a parent may be required to pick the student up from school. 


Bus Stop Changes - Changes in bus stops can only be made through written request of the parent to Correia’s Bus Liaison.  This process takes two weeks to implement.  Students are only allowed to get on and off at their assigned bus stops.


School Messenger - This program is a way for the district, the school and teachers to make automated calls and send automated e-mails to contact parents.  Please be sure your contact information is current. 


Contact Information - Any changes to contact information must be made through the Attendance Office.  Please update phone numbers, addresses, and the names of emergency contacts as soon as anything changes.

Counseling and Guidance - Every student will have access to the counselor who will be able to help with school or personal problems.  The counselor will make any necessary schedule changes, help plan your school program, provide academic and personal guidance and provide many other areas of assistance.  Students may request an appointment with the counselor by filling out a “Request to See Counselor” form.  These forms are available in every classroom and in the Counseling Office.  Parents may request an appointment with the counselors by calling the office.


Crosswalks and Traffic- All students must use the crosswalks especially when crossing in the front of the school on Valeta Street.  For the safety of our children, parents are asked to obey traffic signs and not make U-turns in front of the school.  Help us to be a good neighbor and do not park in front of someone’s driveway.  This is illegal and neighbors have been advised to call the police when this occurs.









End-of-Year Activities & Promotional Activities -

The Correia Community wants to celebrate the success of students who have worked hard and fulfilled certain expectations for the Eighth Grade Promotion Ceremony and End-of-Year Activities. Correia sets a high standard. Students who put forth the effort to meet the requirements listed below may participate in activities and celebrations to mark the end of their middle school experience. These include social events and the promotion ceremony itself that is held the last day of school in the Correia auditorium. This is a very special day for eighth graders, and the privilege of participating is earned by fulfilling the following requirements:

1.   No more than one “F” in a core subject and a minimum 2.0 Academic Grade Point Average (GPA) on the 4th progress report.

2.   Good behavior with no “U” citizenship grades and a minimum 2.0 Citizenship (GPA) on the 4th progress report.

3.   No suspensions the last six weeks of school and no “serious” referrals for discipline (determined by administration).

4.   No outstanding library or student fines.



Health and Nutrition – Good nutrition makes for healthy bodies and healthy minds.  We ask that your child have a good breakfast before coming to school so they are ready to learn.  Food and beverages that are sent to school should be nutritious and low in sugar content.  Energy drinks such as Red Bull, Monster and sodas are not appropriate and are discouraged from being sent to school.  The free/reduced breakfast/lunch program is available to those who qualify.  Applications are available in the front office and can be completed at anytime during the school year.  Students are advised to bring a healthy snack for Thursday minimum days.


Health Services - The Health Office is available to students during school hours each day. 


·        Text Box: Students who feel ill must go to the Health Office on a pass.  Students are not allowed to call on a cell phone or from a classroom to be picked up from school.  The nurse will determine the course of action and if the student should go home due to illness.All on-campus injuries must be reported to the Health Office.

·        All students must have a current emergency card on file in the Health Office.

·        To attend school, students must meet immunization requirements.

·        Medication:

Certain over-the-counter medications are available to students who have a “Health

Information Exchange Consent” form completely filled out and on file at school. 

The nurse will assess the situation, the student’s health history and dispense

medication according to protocol.

All other medications are not allowed to be carried by the student. 

If other prescribed medications are routinely required at school, a physician’s order is required.

·        All doctor excuses for Physical Education and “five minute” passes are generated through the Health Office.

·        Asthma and the Use of Inhalers at School - Students who use inhalers as prescribed by their physicians should have a duplicate inhaler brought to school to be kept in the Health Office.  It is acceptable for students to carry and self-administer their inhalers; however, ONLY with the written permission of both the physician and parent.  The permission form for inhalers at school, Authorization for Asthma Medications to Be Taken during School Hours, may be obtained in the Health Office.


Homework - Students are expected to write down their homework assignments in the planner, complete the homework, and return it to the teacher on time.  Each student attending Correia Middle School should read for a minimum of 30 minutes each night.  Please refer to the school’s website if your child has questions about nightly homework or if he/she is absent for one or two days.  Homework is not available individually until the third day of absence for illness. 

The average time students are expected to spend on homework is listed below:

Grade 7 - 1 ½ hours per night                            Grade 8 - 2 hours per night


ID Cards - ID cards are required for many school activities.  The first one is free.  Replacements cost $5.00 and may be paid for at the Financial Office. 


Lost and Found – If you should find anything of value, please turn it in to the Front Office.  Any found items left at the end of the school year will be donated to charity.  If you have lost:

 - Valuables such as a wallets, watches, purses, jewelry, etc., check with the Front Office     

 - Clothing or a notebook, check the Lost and Found

 - PE clothes, check with the PE teacher, then the Lost and Found in the nurse’s office                  

 - Textbook or a library book, check at the Library





Messages for Students – We will only take a message for a student in cases of emergency.


Moving - Please notify the Attendance Office whenever a student moves to a new address.  If the student will be moving to a different school, the Attendance Office must be notified a few days in advance so transfer documents can be prepared.


Parent Involvement – Parents are a critical part of a student’s support system.  Correia encourages involvement at all levels including our volunteer program and the Correia Association.  Please sign up for an account in ParentConnection.  Parents also need to look at and sign their child’s planner each week to make sure the child is establishing good organizational habits by keeping track of assignments, tests and quizzes.


Passes - When leaving a classroom, you must have your planner/pass signed by the teacher.


Text Box: Shirt     $6.00
Shorts   $6.00
Lock      $5.00
Sweatshirt   $12.00
Sweatpants  $12.00
PE Uniforms - The required Physical Education uniform consists of navy blue shorts and a plain white t-shirt.  A Physical Education uniform and lock may be purchased in the financial office at the beginning of school.   Students are encouraged to purchase a Correia Sweat Set or plain gray sweatshirt and pants to wear during cold weather.  Sweats cannot have hoods, pockets, logos, buttons or zippers.  For safety reasons students must wear athletic type shoes that tie.  When physical education attire becomes torn, ripped or defaced such as writing other than name, the garment must be replaced.  Clothes such as sweaters, jackets, shorts or shirts may not be worn over or under the physical education uniform.  It is recommended that each student provide a combination lock. Replacements may be purchased in the main office in the event any of the items are lost.  In cases where a student has forgotten PE clothes, a set of loaner clothes will be checked out to the student in the locker room.


 PowerSchool - Parents/guardians are highly encouraged to sign up for an account in Powerschool via Correia’s website (www.correiamiddle.com) which will enable you to monitor your child’s homework assignments, grades, test scores and attendance via the Internet.  Parents may share the PIN and password information with other family members or other adults involved in your child’s life to help monitor and support your child in order to succeed in school.


Schedule Changes - Student and/or parent initiated requests will be decided by the counselor with the following in mind:

  -  Was a parent conference held to solve the problem?  -  Can the change be readily made without disruptions to the present schedule?

  -  Is there a teacher recommendation for the change?   -  Does this change more clearly meet the career and/or educational goals of this student?

  -  Has there been sufficient time to allow interventions to succeed?            

Program changes cannot be given because, “I changed my mind,”  “I don’t like this teacher or period,”  “My friend is taking this class,”  “It’s too cold in the morning to take PE,” or “It’s too hot in the afternoon to take PE,” “The teacher is too hard,” etc…


Suggested School Supplies and Student Planner - Good organization and study habits established now will help you achieve your goals for the future.  Each student is expected to record homework assignments daily.  It is recommended that students bring to class every day the following materials:

1 ½”- 2” metal three ringed binder                                     1 or 2 erasable ink pens   1 calculator (scientific with fraction key preferred)             

8 organized tab dividers with slide-in labels                    1 highlighter pen                              1 pocket divider (2 pockets)  

4 or 5 #2 sharpened pencils with erasers                           1 large plastic pouch        1 small box of colored pencils         

paper (8 ½ “ by 11” wide or college ruled)                       1 pkg. graph paper

1 - 12 inch ruler with metric & inch measurements         3 hardcover composition books      

        PE uniform, shoes, and combination lock – see PE Uniform section for detailed description


Trash and Recycling - Students must throw away trash in trash cans.  If you are walking home, do not throw the trash on the ground.  Be a nice neighbor and throw it away when you get home.  We recycle paper, cans and bottles at Correia.  Please place items in the correct bins.


Website – The most current information about school news, policies, and homework assignments is posted on Correia’s website, www.sandi.net/correia.  Parents and students should regularly check the site.








The district's Zero Tolerance Policyis designed to make schools a safe environment and to provide an appropriate learning environment for students. The policy requires suspension or expulsion for students who violate rules related to weap­ons, controlled substances or violence. To view the district's policy please go to www.sandi.net/domain/303.


WEAPONS – Weapons such as paintball guns, nunchakus, clubs, chains, firearms, knives, ninja stars, and pellet guns are forbidden by law.  Knives of any size, even scouting knives, Swiss army knives, razor blades, and pocketknives are never to be brought to campus for any reason.  San Diego Unified School District has adopted a Zero Tolerance Policy concerning students who possess weapons or are engaged in repeated fights and/or acts of violence.  Any student who has an object considered to be a weapon will be referred to the vice-principal for immediate suspension and investigation by School Police Services Department and/or the San Diego Police Department for expulsion.  (Penal Code <P.C> 626.10) (Education Code <E.C.> 48910)



EXPLOSIVE/FLAMMATORY OBJECTS – Possession or use of any explosive such as firecrackers, poppers, bomb bags, stink bombs, or similar items may result in an immediate suspension from school.  This section applies to the possession/usage of matches and lighters as well.  Be advised that the Municipal Code of San Diego, Section 53.10(b)(2) states that “It is a misdemeanor to possess or explode firecrackers on campus.”  A referral may be made to School Police for violations of this provision.



ASSAULT – Any student who is involved in an unprovoked attack or an assault on any student or adult (verbal or physical threat or action) will be suspended from school and will be referred to School Police Services Department, which may conduct an investigation for possible expulsion.  (P.C. 240.242, E.C. 44014)



School Discipline Code


Students who do not follow school rules and procedures are subject to disciplinary action by a school official.  This action may take the form of lunch detention, after-school detention, a parent conference, an intervention plan, lunch clean-up, campus beautification, in-school suspension which includes after-school detention and community service, suspension from regular school attendance or expulsion.  Policies will be updated as needed.  Check website for current information. (www.sandi.net/correia)


Basic Classroom Rules


1.      BE HERE!

2.      Be seated when the bell rings.

3.      Be prepared – books, notebooks, paper, pen, sharpened pencil, etc.

4.      Listen and follow directions.

5.      Be courteous.  Raise hand before speaking.

6.      Respect the rights, opinions, and property of others.

7.      Work without talking or disturbing anyone.

8.      Use class time appropriately.  Avoid note writing, hair combing, applying makeup, etc.

9.      No gum allowed on campus.

10.    Place waste paper in trash cans and recycled items in correct bins.

11.    Remain in your seat until dismissed by your teacher.

12.    Walk to your next class – no running on campus.

13.    Cell phones must be turned off and out of sight.

14.    iPods and other electronic devices must be turned off and out of sight.






Common Area Expectations

Goal: the atmosphere and environment in common areas must reflect a respectful and scholarly society.



REACH for Lunch


Respectfully line up and wait your turn

Eat using appropriate manners

Apply a conversational tone of voice

Clean up all garbage

Honor the values of REACH


1.1    Enter lunch area calmly, without running to claim a table. You are expected to form a single-file line, wait for your turn, say “thank you” upon receiving your food, and walk calmly to a lunch table.

1.2    Listen to, follow, and respect all adult instruction.

1.3    Once at table place backpack and personal items under table or out of the way to ensure no one trips.

1.4    Respect others by not “mooching” food items; you are expected to eat your own lunch.

1.5    All electronic devices are to remain in backpacks and out of sight during the lunch period.

1.6    When sitting at lunch tables, you are expected to speak in a conversational, restaurant level voice. No yelling or screaming.

1.7    When you have finished eating, calmly throw all garbage away. No trash is to be left on or around the table. You are expected to leave the lunch area as clean as it was when you arrived.

1.8    You are not allowed to stand on benches or tables. You are not allowed to run around the lunch area.

1.9    When you are finished eating and if you would like to stand and talk with your friends, please stand out from under the large, blue tarp.

1.10You must have a pass from your teachers to leave the lunch area and visit their classrooms.  NO PASS – NO CLASS.

1.11All food items must remain in lunch area. Any leftover food or beverages must be put away in backpacks before leaving the lunch area.

1.12You will exit the lunch area using the stairs or pathway beside the teachers’ lounge.




2.1    All electronic devices and toys are to remain in backpacks and out of sight during the passing period.

2.2    During passing period, you are expected to speak at a mature, conversational level. No yelling, screaming, or profanity.

2.3    Listen to, follow, and respect all adult instruction.

2.4    Any food items must be put away before entering the classroom.

2.5    Walk with dignity and self-respect.


3.      BALLOON/FLOWER BOUQUETS/BIRTHDAY CAKES – Birthday cakes/food, flowers, balloon bouquets or other gift items are not allowed on campus.  Do not bring them to school or have them delivered.


4.      BINDERS-no decorating of binders with photos or graffiti. The binder is an educational tool and must represent you as a scholar.


Text Box: Cell Phone 

5.      CELL PHONES, PAGERS & OTHER ELECTRONIC SIGNALING DEVICES - Correia administration and staff strongly encourage students NOT to bring any valuables to school, including cell phones, due to theft risk.  The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  These devices must be kept out of sight and turned off during the school day.  They may be used only before and after school off campus.  Cell phones may be confiscated if used on campus and will only be returned to a parent or guardian.     Administration will not investigate lost/stolen valuables such as iPods, cell phones, toys, etc.


6.      COMPUTER/INTERNET USE – Students must have SDUSD Student Network Responsibility Contract on file before using any computer at school.  This contract outlines responsibilities, acceptable use, privileges, network etiquette, security and vandalism policies under the Network Use Guidelines.  Students must follow the Network Use Guidelines.  Violations may result in cancellation of computer privileges.


7.      CYBERBULLYING/CYBERTHREATS - Safe learning environments are necessary for students to learn and achieve high academic standards.  Therefore, bullying, cyberbullying, and cyberthreats will not be tolerated.  Cyberbullying or cyberthreats include, but are not limited to the following misuses of technology under a person’s true or false identity: harassing, teasing, intimidating, defaming, threatening, terrorizing, or otherwise intending to harm, insult, or humiliate another staff or student member by way of any technological tool, such as sending or posting inappropriate or derogatory email messages, instant messages, text messages, sound, digital pictures or images, social websites, blogs, chat rooms, or website postings. (E.C. 32261)Text Box: DO NOT BRING VALUABLES TO SCHOOL

Students are advised never to leave purses, backpacks, personal property or objects of value unattended, even for a few seconds.   Correia administration and staff strongly encourage students not to bring anything of value to school.  Administration will not investigate lost/stolen valuables such as iPods, cell phones, toys, etc.
The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  If you must bring money on campus, please keep it in your pants’ pockets.  
Do not leave money in your backpack.


8.      DEFIANCE – Any student who defies any adult or refuses to follow his/her directions or refuses to give their name will be referred to the appropriate authority for disciplinary action.


9.      DISRUPTION – Any student who deliberately disturbs or hampers classroom instruction or school activities will be immediately referred for disciplinary action.  (E.C. 10609, District Procedure 2619)  This includes the possession and/or use of stink bombs, which is a suspendable offense.


10.    DRUGS/ALCOHOL – Possession or use of narcotics, dangerous drugs, or alcohol is a violation of the law.  Students involved with or possessing narcotics or alcohol will be suspended and referred to School Police Services and/or the San Diego Police Department. (E.C. 48904)


11.    EXTORTION OR THREATS – Any students involved in obtaining money or other possessions of value through the use of intimidation or violence will be suspended.  An investigation by School Police Services may be required. (Extortion: P.C. 518,  Threats: P.C. 519)


12.    FIGHTING – Fighting, including play fighting, is strictly forbidden.  Students who fight will be referred to the counselor or vice principal for disciplinary action and suspension.  After three fights inflicting injury within one year, the student will be required to attend a Zero Tolerance Program.  For details, see the district’s Zero Tolerance Policy.


13.    FOOD AND DRINK IN CLASSROOMS – Food and drink are not allowed during normal classroom hours.  There may be some exceptions under teacher supervision.


14.    GAMBLING – Gambling in any form is prohibited by state law.  Gambling is defined as wagering or betting money on the outcome of any activity.  Students who are involved in this activity may be suspended.  Students should not have dice or cards or anything that can be considered a gambling device in their possession at school.  These will be taken from students.  (Administration Code 301, E.C. 10601-10609)


15.    GUM – Gum is not allowed on campus even after school (not in pockets, backpacks, purses, etc.)  This means no gum at lunch.  Violators may be referred for disciplinary action including campus beautification.


16.    INSTIGATING – Students who instigate problems, unsafe situations or misbehavior will be considered a participant and will receive appropriate consequences for their actions. 


17.    LASER POINTERS - No student shall posses a laser pointer on campus. (P.C. 417.27) Pointing a laser pointer in a threatening manner may be a misdemeanor. (P.C. 417.25)


18.    LEAVING CAMPUS WITHOUT PERMISSION – Students may not leave campus without permission.  Leaving campus without a Blue Slip is considered a truancy.  (District Procedure 2380)


19.    MISBEHAVIOR GOING TO AND FROM SCHOOL – Students are subject to disciplinary action for any form of misbehavior in the process of going to and from school.  (District Procedure 2619)


20.    MP3 PLAYERS, IPODS, ETC. – Correia administration and staff strongly encourage students NOT to bring any valuables to school including electronic devices due to theft risk.  The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  MP3 players, portable radios, CD players, including earphones, if brought to school must be kept out of sight and turned off during the school day.  These devices may be confiscated if used during the times not permitted and will only be returned to a parent or guardian. Administration will not investigate lost/stolen valuables such as iPods, cell phones, toys, etc.


21.    PERMANENT MARKERS/AEROSOL CANS – Permanent markers and aerosol cans are not permitted on campus.


22.    PROFANITY/PORNOGRAPHY – The use of offensive words or profanity is unacceptable.  Obscene actions, possession of pornographic materials or habitual profanity can lead to suspension.


23.    STUDENT FUNDRAISING – The only fundraising allowed on campus is that for school sponsored activities.  No other candy or food can be sold on campus.  Students are responsible for their own fundraising items.


24.    STUDENT TRANSPORTATION –All bikes must be locked in the bike racks.  Students are responsible for securing their bikes with a personal lock.  All bike riders must obey all traffic laws and school bicycle regulations, or face bicycle suspension.  According to state law, helmets must be worn.  Bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, and scooters are not to be ridden on campus.  Students must use the crosswalk at all times.  Bikes should be walked in front of the school at all times. SKATEBOARDS, ROLLERBLADES AND SCOOTERS (RAZORS) must be checked in immediately upon arrival in the morning and picked up after school.


25.    THEFT – Any student involved in the theft or attempted theft of school or personal property will be suspended.  This includes receiving stolen property.  School Police Services contact may be required.  Correia administration and staff strongly encourage students NOT to bring any valuables to school due to theft risk.  Students are encouraged not to bring large amounts of money to school or to leave backpacks/purses unattended.  Thefts must be reported immediately to the vice-principal.


26.    TOUCHING AND HARASSMENT – Public display of affection (kissing, romantically embracing, etc.) is never allowed on school grounds.  Inappropriate touching of another’s body is forbidden and will be dealt with as a serious matter requiring an investigation for disciplinary intervention.  The rule is “Keep your hands off others at all times.”  Harassment can be such actions as unwelcome sexual advances; requests for sexual favors; or verbal, visual, physical conduct of a sexual nature.  Bullying will not be tolerated.  See district policy of Student Nondiscrimination and Sexual Harassment for more details. 


27.    TOBACCO – Students involved in the use of tobacco on any part of the school grounds will be suspended.  Possession of tobacco on campus is also grounds for suspension.  Students are not to have any form of tobacco (smokeless tobacco, chew packets, and betel) in their possession at school or during school activities.  This policy also extends to the possession and/or use of matches and lighters.  (Education Code 48900-20)  Refer to district policy.


28.    TOYS – Toys (such as yo-yos, darts, stuffed animals, handheld electronic games [i.e. PSP, Gameboy], baseball cards, game cards, finger boards, water guns, squirt bottles, squirt guns, pacifiers, marbles, etc.) are not to be brought to school.  They will be confiscated and only returned to a parent/guardian.    Administration will not investigate lost/stolen valuables such as iPods, cell phones, toys, etc.


29.    TRESPASSING – Students are not to be on campus after school hours or on weekends unless they are participating in a school-related activity with staff participation.


30.    Text Box:   
The Crime Stoppers Hotline
for emergency use: 
1 (619) 235-TIPS.
Call to report a crime and remain completely anonymous.
VANDALISM – Anyone who maliciously damages or defaces school property or that of another person is required by law to pay for damages.  This includes defacing school property with permanent marker or felt pen.  Immediate suspension and possible police contact may be required.  (P.C. 594)  Permanent pens are not allowed on campus.






Correia Student Dress Code

The dress code is in effect 24 hours a day, whenever students are on campus, including after-school and evening events. All clothing and footwear is to be safe and appropriate for a school setting.

Pants, Shorts, and Skirts

·        Pants, shorts, and skirts must be worn at the waist without sagging.

·        All skirts and shorts must be appropriate for school and 1" below extended fingertips (with arms straight).

·        For pants and shorts with holes, holes need to be 1" below extended fingertips.

·        Leggings, jeggings, yoga pants, etc. must be covered with a shirt or top 1" below extended fingertips.

Shirts and Tops

·        Students must wear at least one shirt (not including jackets or sweaters) with shoulder straps 2” or wider.

·        Shirts should be long enough to be tucked in without exposing the stomach.

·        Students may not wear tube or halter tops, off-the-shoulder, backless, see-through, midriff, crop or cut-out shirts, including “muscle” undershirts, unless they are accompanied by an appropriate over or under shirt which covers all skin.

·        Shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, or sweaters containing words or pictures that negatively represent any gender, race, color, ethnicity, religion, natural origin, disability, or sexual orientation are prohibited.

·        Shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, or sweaters that denote gang affiliation, crime, profanity, weapons, alcoholic, or illegal substances are not allowed.

·        Shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, or sweaters may not be worn to cover up inappropriate clothing.



·        Shoes must be safe for school. (No flip-flops, sandals, high heels, platforms, slippers, open toes, etc.)

·        All shoes must have a closed toe.


Hats, Beanies, Accessories, Etc.

·        Correia logo caps and beanies are permitted outside of buildings. Other caps, hats, beanies, headwear, bandanas, hoods, and sunglasses are prohibited.

·        Spikes, chains, and safety pins are not allowed. This includes spiked earrings.

·        Maximum width or length for earrings is 2 inches.

·        Facial piercings may be 3mm or smaller studs only. No hoops.

Additional Notes

·        See-through, off the shoulder, or provocative clothing exposing cleavage, bras, the midriff or undergarments is prohibited.

·        Clothing cannot be ripped, shredded, or cut.

·        The physical education uniform may only be worn during physical education class for hygiene purposes.

1st Offense: Students will be sent to the office to change into loaner clothes. If loaner clothes are not available, student will call home for parent/guardian to deliver appropriate clothes to school. Inappropriate garment will be confiscated and returned to the parent/guardian.
2nd Offense: Same as first offense with lunch detention.

Additional offenses: Lunch detention will increase by one with each subsequent offense.


Student Fees

The Constitution of the State of California requires that we provide a public education free of charge.  Your right to a free education is for all school/educational activities, whether curricular or extracurricular, and whether you get a grade for the activity or class.  Subject to certain exceptions, your right to a free public education means that we cannot require you or your family to purchase materials, supplies, equipment or uniforms for any school activity, nor can we require you or your family to pay security deposits for access, participation, materials, or equipment.  If you are unable to raise funds for a fundraising event, you will not be prevented from participating in an educational activity.

In Case of an Emergency 

All district schools have developed a comprehensive school safety plan that meets state requirements.  The safety plan includes procedures that help us keep a safe and orderly environment for all students.  Emergency procedures are discussed with students and teachers every year.

Correia regularly practices emergency drills in case of fire, natural disaster or other emergencies requiring a lockdown.  Our goals in any emergency are:

·        To keep students and staff in a safe environment

·        Stay calm

·        Facilitate an orderly evacuation to the back area of the campus

·        Account for every student and adult on campus


Fire – A continuous short bell will ring.  All buildings are evacuated.  Students walk with the teacher to the back area of the school.


Earthquake – A long bell of about 15 seconds will ring.  A few minutes later, the fire bell will ring.  If you are inside, move away from windows, drop to the floor and cover your head with your hands.  If you are outside, move away from all buildings and overhead wires, drop to ground and cover your head with your hands.  When the area has been determined safe, an all-clear bell will sound, and students will be escorted to a safe area.


Lockdown – In the case of an intruder on our campus, a long continuous bell will ring.  Students need to go into the closest open room.  Teachers will lock the door, turn off the lights and shut the blinds.  Students will be directed to go to the designated safe area for that room and/or lay on the ground.  When the area is determined to be safe, police will evacuate the school; room by room.  Students and staff will reunify at the back grass field area.  In the event of a real lockdown, police will assume authority for the situation, and we will follow their instructions.


Parent Action in Case of Emergency – Remain calm.  In the specific cases of emergency, where students will be dismissed early, signs will be posted with instructions.  We will have to follow school, district and police instructions to reunify parents with students.  This may take some time, so please be patient.


Text Box: Additional emergency tips for parents:
1.	Be sure your child has important contact information memorized - home, cell and work phone numbers for both parents.  This is great information to write in your child’s planner.
2.	Remind your child of the name and phone number for an adult to use as an alternate emergency number.
3.	Have an alternate plan for rides, or plan to walk to or from school.  Make sure your child knows his/her own address and route to the house in case he/she needs to walk home or direct someone driving to the house.
4.	Post the “School Dates to Remember” flyer on the refrigerator so you know when holidays and minimum days are occurring.
5.	Notify the school of any changes in home address and home or work phone numbers.  
6.	Be sure we have on file all numbers and names of adults who we can release your child to in the event of an emergency.
7.	Notify the school of any restraining orders and any court or custody issues that may involve the school or your child.
8.	Report any concerns or suspicions that you may have to a teacher, counselor or administrator.  If you prefer to remain anonymous, please call the Campus Crime Stopper Hotline at 619-235-TIPS (619-235-8477).



Policies will be updated as needed.  Check website for current information. (www.sandi.net/correia)

Student Nondiscrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy


San Diego Unified School District

Student Non-Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy



San Diego Unified School District is committed to equal opportunity for all individuals in education. District programs and activities shall be free from discrimination based on sex, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, physical or mental disability or any other unlawful consideration. The district shall promote programs which ensure that discriminatory practices are eliminated in all district activities and will take steps to assure that the lack of English will not be a barrier to admission and participation in district programs.

Any student who engages in discrimination of another student or anyone from the district may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion. Any employee who permits or engages in discrimination may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. Any student or parent who feels that discrimination has occurred should immediately contact a teacher or the principal for resolution at the site.



San Diego Unified School District is committed to making the schools free from sexual harassment. This means that the district prohibits harassment made by someone from or in the educational setting. Sexual harassment can be such actions as: unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature made by someone from or in the educational setting.

The district prohibits conduct that has the purpose or effect of having a negative impact on the student’s academic performance, or of creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive educational environment.

The district further prohibits sexual harassment in which a student’s grades, benefits, services, honors, program or activities are dependent on submission to such conduct.

Students should report any sexual harassment to their school principal, vice principal, counselor, or teacher. Students who violate this policy shall be disciplined appropriately. This includes suspension or possible expulsion.



1. Filing a complaint: Obtain a copy of the Uniform Complaint Form and procedure from the school or the district’s Legal Office. Remedies available outside of the district are listed in this procedure.

2. Investigation: San Diego Unified School District will immediately undertake an effective, thorough, and objective investigation of the harassment allegations and provide

a written report within 60 days of when the complaint is filed.

3. Action: If the district determines that its policies prohibiting sexual harassment have been violated, disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion, will be taken.

The person filing the complaint may also pursue action in civil court. Complaints will be kept confidential. The district prohibits retaliation against any participant in the complaint process. Each complaint shall be investigated promptly and in a way the respects the privacy of all parties concerned.

Students who have a discrimination or sexual harassment complaint, students should contact a teacher, counselor or principal for immediate resolution.