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Online Document Storage Using my.sandi.net

“Access to your files from both home and school!"

Q: What is Online Document Storage?
A: In the past students would save their documents to the hard drive of the computer they were using. This caused problems when students moved to another computer or went home, but still wanted access to their files. Some students would save their files to a “flash drive” but this too could be problematic because the drive could break or become lost.

As part of the i21 Interactive Classroom project, our district has provided each student with an online storage area to store their files! Students can access their storage area from home, the classroom, or any computer with access to the internet! This service is hosted and managed by the SDUSD Information Technology Department.

Q: What can students access?
A: Students in classrooms with i21 netbooks already save their files to a central location. This is why a student can login to a netbook in math class, save a file, then login to a different netbook in Language Arts and have access to the same file. From a student’s standpoint, their desktop and “my documents” looks the same on every netbook. (This technology is known as Active Directory)

My.sandi.net allows students to use a web browser to access the same desktop and “my documents” found on the netbook! Students can add or remove files as necessary.

Q: Is it secure? Is there a password?
A: Yes. Each student is issued a unique account. The accounts are password protected. The username and password used for my.sandi.net is also used to login to their netbooks, Moodle, or Naviance.

Q: How do I login?
A: Click this link to access my.sandi.net. You will need your student’s username and password. Students participating in the i21 Interactive Classroom project have been issued a username and password by their teacher.

Q: My child is not in an i21 Interactive Classroom. Do they have an account?
A: Yes but their teacher may not have distributed the login information. Please contact your student’s teacher for more information.

Q: How can I find my student’s files?
A: Login to my.sandi.net using the username and password. A computer screen with a "start menu" will appear in your browser window. Click on the start menu to display a list of available items. Select “My Files” from this list. (NOTE: you can also select “My Files” directly from the “desktop” displayed in your computer’s browser). A separate window will appear. Click the “+” next to My Files. From the submenu, click the “+” next to My Documents. A list of folders will be displayed. Click any folder to display a list of its items on the right of the screen.

Q: How do I edit or view the files in my.sandi.net?
A: Students should first download the file to their home computer, open and make any changes, then upload the file back to my.sandi.net. Students do not edit files directly on my.sandi.net.

Q: How do I upload or download files?
A: To download a file to your computer, simply click once to select the file, then choose “Download” from the Actions menu. The computer will prompt you to save the file to your computer. To upload a file, simply select “Upload” from the Actions menu. The computer will prompt you to select the file.

Q: Why am I receiving error messages?
A: This may be occurring because your computer does not have the most recent version of "java" installed on it. You need "java" installed before you can use my.sandi.net. Please follow the instructions online to download and install" java". Follow this link for additional information on "java".

Q: Do students use my.sandi.net at school to access their files?
A: They can but we don’t recommend they do this if they have access to an i21 netbook in the classroom. my.sandi.net is not as efficient as accessing the files directly from the desktop or my documents folders.

Some classrooms may have "non-i21 netbooks". For example, most 5th grade classrooms at Dana use non-i21 netbooks. This issue will be resolved in 2011-12 when i21 is implemented in the 5th grade classrooms...but until then most 5th grade students will need to use my.sandi.net at school to access their files.

Q: I need more help using my.sandi.net. What should I do?
A: Please contact your student’s teacher for assistance with my.sandi.net.