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New and Existing Club Information for 17-18

Required Steps for Approval of Organization Of A School Club  

  1. ASB President discusses and explains district procedures/requirements and issues an application. The application process is conducted yearly for new and existing clubs.
  2. Students must acquire a commitment for sponsorship from a faculty member.
  3. Students, with the assistance of the faculty advisor, draw up the club constitution consistent with district procedures, complete application, and submit both to ASB President and/or Advisor for initial ASB review (if the validity of a possible club is uncertain, it is best to propose the idea to the ASB Advisor to assure its feasibility before filling out the required paperwork).
  4. The ASB President and Advisor review the club application and documents. If all district requirements have not been met, the application and attachments will be returned to the originator with appropriate comments. If all district requirements have been met, the ASB President and Advisor signs the forms and submits them to the Principal or the Principal's designee for approval.
  5. The Principal or the Principal's designee reviews and signs if approval is granted.
  6. Club paperwork will then be filed in the financial office (available for student perusal) and the club added to the official club list (also available to both students and faculty).

School Club: A group of students participating in extra class activities organized and conducted under the direct control of the school for a specific purpose.

School Club (Community Affiliated): A group of students organized as a school club, which receives support, financial assistance and/or encouragement from, but which is not under control or direct interest of, a community organization.

Faculty Advisor: A certified member of the school faculty (teachers are the only permitted club advisors at Correia Middle  School) who supervises and is responsible for the school club activities.

Clubs May:

  1. Use the official name of the school.
  2. Use the buildings and other public school property under the direct supervision of a faculty advisor.
  3. Have publicity on website under ASB as official club and in eBlast (short, one to three sentence announcements may be written out and given to Faculty Advisor one week prior) and school publications.
  4. Wear approved school emblems.
  5. Sell on school premises tickets or bids to special activities sponsored by the club consistent with school's ASB rules and procedures.