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Math Placement Process 2019-20120

As the current school year comes to a close, master schedule teams are diligently preparing for student placement in mathematics courses for the 2019-20 school year. Students currently in 5th, 6th and 8th grade will take a Math Readiness Assessment for use as one of multiple tools to assist in course placement for the 2019-20 instructional year.  The purpose of this letter is to describe the placement process for mathematics.


The District completed full implementation of the CommonCore State Standards, which required a shift in how mathematics instruction wasimplemented.  Course sequences, instructional materials and strategieswere adjusted.  

Changes to the Process

Input was gathered through site conversations, cluster level anddepartment conversations, and collaboration with a respected mathematicsconsultant to strategize next steps and improve the process. It was decidedthat as a district we would need to revise the existing pathways, identifymultiple measures that a site could use to determine student course placement,and create new Math Readiness Assessments that would align with SmarterBalanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) and district assessment practices.

2018-2019 Criteria for Placement

The District has identified four (4) measures as indicators for sites to utilize as they plan for student course placement:

  • Math Readiness Assessment
  • Math Grades
    • Elementary Student Progress Report data will be used for elementary students
    • First and Second semester grade data will be used for secondary students
  • SBAC Assessment Results (if available)
  • Teacher Recommendation (only if requested by Middle School Administrator)

Math Readiness Assessments

Three (3) separate Math Readiness Assessments will be administered:

  • Accelerated Math 6 – administered to all 5th graders entering Grade 6
  • Accelerated Math 7 – administered to all 6th graders entering Grade 7
  • Advanced Integrated Math I – administered to all 8th graders currently enrolled in Common Core 8 Math

The District made a decision not to develop a Math Readiness Assessment for current 7th grade students entering Grade 8 in order to avoid critical gaps in mathematical understanding and content standards. Students currently enrolled in Accelerated Math 7 will be placed in Advanced Integrated Math I. Opportunities for acceleration are available upon matriculation to high school.  

The Math Readiness Assessment Window

  • Dana Middle will administer the math placement test April 2-5.