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MAP Reading Practice

MAP Testing Reading Practice by RIT Score

RIT Band Below 171
Literary WorksLiterary ElementsStrategies/
Word Analysis/
Word CentralFind the Main IdeaInto the BookABC Match
Using a DictionaryIdentify the Main IdeaFact Fragment FrenzyPicture Match
Dictionary ExercisesWhat's the Big IdeaDig It!Whirlyword Machine
Dictionary DinosaursWhat's the Big Idea IIFind the Main IdeaPaw Park
Using a Variety of SourcesReading DetectiveGet Well NickChoose the Word
Real or Make Believe Making PancakesFind the Best Word
Tina's World Fishing Bears (TT)High Frequency Words
Fact or Fiction Ants (TT)High Frequency Word Games
Fiction and Non-Fiction How to be a Nature Detective (RSR)Create a Sentence
  How to be a Nature Detective (TT)Complete the Sentence Game
  What's in the Bag?Antonym Match
  Story ScrambleBuilding Prefixes
  Alphabetizing ActivityFly By Contractions
  ABC Order ActivityMatch the Contraction
  Connect the DotsSynonym Sam's Lab
  Paw ParkWord Works
  Starfall ReadingFlip a Chip
   Circus Builder
   Compound Words
   Compound Words Matching
RIT Band 171-180
Literary WorksLiterary ElementsStrategies/
Word Analysis/
Word CentralLearning About CharactersInto the BookCircus Builder
Using a DictionarySetting Match GameFact Fragment Frenzy 
Find a Word in the DictionarySetting Test TutorDig It!Word Carnival
Dictionary ExercisesUnderstanding Setting, Plot, and ThemeFind the Main IdeaFree Rice
Dictionary DinosaursSetting PracticeTopic Sentence/Main IdeaFind the Best Word
Using a Variety of SourcesSetting MatchGet Well NickWord Jungle
Real or Make BelieveWhen Did It Happen?Making PancakesHigh Frequency Words
Fiction and Non-FictionStory Elements Test TutorNo More MowingHigh Frequency Words Game
Grimm Fairy TalesCinderella Story ElementsThe Mixed-Up Chameleon (RSR)Antonym Match
Anderson Fairy TalesMatching Rhyming WordsSleep is for Everyone (RSR)Compound Words
English ReadingCircus of Rhyming WordsFlippy's Adventure (RSR)Compound Words II
NewspapersReggie the Rhyming RhinoJohnny Appleseed (TT)Breaking Down Compound Words
  Days with Frog and Toad (TT)

Building Prefixes

  Fishing Bears (TT)The Magic Key
  Ants (TT)Using Prefixes
  Anthony Reynoso:
Born to Rope (TT)
  Get Up and Go (TT)Using Suffixes
  Watermelon Day (TT)Synonym Sam's Lab
  The Hat (TT)Synonym Toast
  The Enormous Turnip (TT)Word Confusion
  Compare and ContrastUnfamiliar Words
  Contrasting CharactersMax Found Two Sticks (TT)
  Sequence of EventsMontigue on the High Seas (TT)
  Graphic SourcesPractice with Syllables Quiz
  Non-Fiction CharacteristicsSpace Station
  Solar System Quizzes 
  Get the Idea 
  Paw Park 
  Professor Smarts 
RIT Band 181-190
Literary WorksLiterary ElementsStrategies/
Word Analysis/
Word CentralLearning About CharactersInto the BookCircus Builder
Find a Word in the DictionarySetting Match GameNon-Fiction CharacteristicsSnowman Builder
Dictionary ExercisesSetting Test TudorFind the Relevant DetailPractice with Syllables
Genres of LiteratureUnderstanding Setting, Plot, and ThemeMr. Turner Cleans UpSpace Station of the 21st Century
Real or Make-BelieveSetting PracticeThe PlaySyllables Factory
Fiction and Non-FictionSetting MatchSummer FunContext Clues
Fiction or Non-FictionWilson Sat Alone (TT)Waiting for MomDictionary Words
Grimm Fairy TalesCinderella Story ElementsThe Armadillo from Amarillo (RSR)Robo-Bee
Anderson Fairy TalesMatching Characters, Setting, PlotThe Mixed-Up Chameleon (RSR)Word Carnival
Non-Fiction ActivitiesUnderstanding Plot, Setting, and ThemeThe Mixed-Up Chameleon (TT)Free Rice
Poetry Idea EngineThe Marble Champ (RSR)Days with Frod and Toad (TT)Word Jungle
Poetry Activities The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash (TT)Unfamiliar Words
Letter Poems The Stories Julian Tells (TT)Squanky
Wizards and Pigs The Talent Show (TT)Synonym Toast
  Making Judgements: Alice Learns a LessonAntonyms
  Watermelon Day (TT)Words with Opposite Meaning
  Sequence: The Field TripAntonyms Test
  Cause and EffectAntonyms Matching
  Fact and Opinion: The Greatest Player EverWord Frog
   Breaking Down Compound Words
   Compound Words
   Making Compound Words
   Constructing Prefixes

Using Prefixes

   Easily Confused Words
   Word Confusion
   Homophone Spelling
   Super Match Game
   Tossed Up Talents
   Inflected Endings
   Same Difference
   There, Their, They're
   Suffix and Base Words
   Suffixes Game
   Short Circuit
   Fish 'Em Up 2

Unfamiliar Words

   Cool Ali (TT)
   Montigue on the High Seas
   Max Found Two Sticks (TT)
   The Talent Show (TT)
   Hedgehog Bakes a Cake (TT)
RIT Band 191-200
Literary WorksLiterary ElementsStrategies/
Word Analysis/
Genres of LiteratureCinderella Story ElementsInto the BookSki Lodge Vacation
Types of TextWilson Sat Alone (TT)Study ZoneSnowman Builder
Non-Fiction ActivitiesPepita Talks Twice (TT)Solor System QuizzesSpace Station of the 21st Century
Fiction vs. Non-Fiction JeopardyThe Gardener (TT)Lupita ManañaSyllable Factory
Stories and PlaysThe Marble Champ (RSR)Non-Fiction CharacteristicsBreaking Down Compound Words
Poetry Idea EngineThe Emperor and the Kite (RSR)Compare and ContrastCompound Words
Poetry ActivitiesElena (RSR)Reading Clothing LabelsEnglish Vocabulary
Wizards and PigsUnderstanding Plot, Setting, and ThemeReading Labels 01Jellyfish
Using Reference MaterialsUnderstandind Plot, Setting, and Theme: LessonCause and Effect DetectiveThe Land of the Rocket to the Moon
Using the EncyclopediaFirst and Third Person Point of ViewCause and Effect MatchingShort Circuit
 Point of View QuizWhat Caused it to Happen?Fish 'Em Up
 Wizards and PigsWhat Caused It?Cows Context Clues
  Making Inferences and Drawing ConclusionsWords in Context
  Inferences Based on CharactersWord Confusion
  Inferences Based on Characters IISquanky
  Understanding What You ReadMr. Anker Tests Synonyms
  Who, What, When?Antonyms - Student Activity Center
  Dolphins 1Same Difference
  ElephantsSynonyms and Antonyms Crosswords
  Identifying the Author's PurposeWord Frog
  Practice Author's PurposeWord Works
  Practice Author's Purpose IISuper Match Game
  Reading for a PurposeTossed Up Talents Matching Game
  Author's ViewpointFly Traps! Plants that Bite Back (RSR)
  Comprehension: Fact or Opinion?Officer Buckle and Gloria (TT)
  Solar System GameThe Talent Show (TT)
  Drawing ConclusionsI Have Heard of Land
  Locating AnswersPrefixes
  In the Days of King Adobe (RSR)Prefixes Say Plenty
  Nights of the Pufflings (RSR)Prefixes and Suffixes Quiz
  The Garden of Happiness (RSR)Suffixes (Pearson)
  Stealing Home (RSR)Suffixes
  A Very Important Day (RSR)Context Clues (Pearson)
  Blue Willow (RSR)Context Clues II (Pearson)
  In the Days of King Adobe (TT)Context is Key - Words with Multiple Meanings
  I Have Heard of Land (TT)Unfamiliar Words (Pearson)
  The Talent Show (TT)Building Vocabulary with Synonyms and Antonyms
  Sarah, Plain and Tall (TT)Synonyms (Pearson)
  The Baker's Neighbor (TT)Synonyms II (Pearson)
  Listening and Responding to PoemsSay In Another Way
  Tune Into Learning - ReadingRoots and Their Families
  Drawing Conclusions - Show What You KnowMore Roots and Their Families
  Author's Theme (Pearson)Antonyms (Pearson)
  Reading Charts and GraphsAntonyms II (Pearson)
   Multiple-Meaning Words (Pearson)
RIT Band 201-210
Literary WorksLiterary ElementsStrategies/
Word Analysis/
Wizards and PigsThe First Day at CampInto the BookSki Lodge Vacation
Skillwise EnglishOff and Running (TT)Study ZoneSnowman Builder
Folk TalesThe Marble Champ (RSR)Solor System QuizzesContext Clues
Using Reference MaterialsThe Emperor and the Kite (RSR)Lupita ManañaContext Clues (Pearson)
Reference SourcesMy Name is Maria Isabel (RSR)Reading StripsContext is Key
What's a Thesaurus?Elena (RSR)Practice Multiple Skills - "The Frog Prince"Cows Context Clues
 Island of the Blue Dolphins (RSR)Practice Multiple Skills - "Little Red Riding Hood"Context Clues - Fill in the Blanks
 Understanding Setting, Plot, and ThemeRead and Answer - Nasreddin and the BeggarContext Clues II (Pearson)
 Understanding Setting, Plot, and Theme: LessonRead and Answer - Nasreddin and the Smell of SoupUnfamiliar Words (Pearson)
 Maintaining Point of ViewRead and Answer - Nasredding Goes ShoppingUnfamiliar Words II (Pearson)
 My Side of the Mountain (RSR)Mystery Train - Mystery of the Bronze Bee (Pearson)Word Confusion
 The Summer of the Swans (RSR)Mystery Train - Mystery of the Gasping Actor (Pearson)Words with Multiple Meaning
 The Summer of the Swans (TT)Mystery Train - Mystery of the Soggy Saddle (Pearson)Multiple-Meaning Words (Pearson)
 Point of ViewSummarizing Main Idea (Pearson)Words with Opposite Meaning (Pearson)
 Maintaining Point of View QuizMain Idea and Supporting Details (Pearson)Antonyms (Pearson)
 In Step with IdiomsSummarizing Story Parts (Pearson)Antonyms
 Paint by IdiomsSummarize as you ReadMr. Anker Tests Antoymns - Set 20
 Eye on IdiomsLocating Information in Text to Solve ProblemsMr. Anker Tests Antonyms - Set 21
 Idiom Match-UpThe Case of the Flying-Saucer People (RSR)Building Vocabulary with Synonyms
 Metaphor BattleshipEvelyn Cisneros: Prima Ballerina (RSR)Synonyms
 Metaphors and SimiliesFlood: Wrestling with the Mississippi (RSR)Synonyms (Pearson)
 Space SpinsOld Yeller (RSR)Say It Another Way
 The Baker's Neighbor (TT)Stealing Home (RSR)Antonyms and Synonyms Crosswords
 Folktales from Asia (TT)Off and Running (RSR)Feed the Bigbots
 Figurative Language MatchingThe Fun They Had (RSR)Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homonyms
  Iditarod Dream (RSR)Same Difference
  The Garden of Happiness (RSR)"Word Parts" - The Roots of Vocabulary
  The Marble Champ (RSR)It's Greek to Me
  Blue Willow (RSR)Prefixes Say Plenty
  Name This American (RSR)Prefixes (Pearson)
  Dear Mrs. Parks (RSR)Prefix Game
  Amelia and Eleanor Go for a Ride (RSR)Suffixes (Pearson)
  The Kids' Invention Book (RSR)Suffixes
  The Down and Up Fall (RSR)Rooting Out Words
  In the Days of King Adobe (TT)Roots and Their Families
  I Have Heard of Land (TT)More Roots and Their Families
  Folk Tales from Asia (TT)Hattie's Birthday Box (RSR)
  Black Frontiers (TT)Fly Traps! Plants that Bite Back (RSR)
  Sarah, Plain and Tall (TT)Catching the Fire: Philip Simmons, Blacksmith (RSR)
  Name This American (TT)Yang the Eldest and His Odd Jobs (RSR)
  The Gold Rush (TT)Darnell Rock Reporting (RSR)
  Stealing Home (TT)Everglades (RSR)
  Be a Critical ReaderThe Hot and Cold Summer (RSR)
  Main Idea and DetailsThe Skill of Pericles (RSR)
  Summarize as You ReadDonavan's Word Jar (TT)
  Guess What Comes Next 
  Compare and Contrast (Pearson) 
  Drawing Conclusions (Pearson) 
  Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions 
  Making Judgments (Pearson) 
  Making Inferences Based on Characters 
  Making Inferences Based on Characters II 
  What Caused It to Happen? 
  What Caused It? 
  Cause and Effect - What and Why (Pearson) 
  Cause and Effect - Because and Since (Pearson) 
  Read about Elephants 
  Author's Purpose 
  Author's Viewpoint (Pearson) 
RIT Band 211-220
Literary WorksLiterary ElementsStrategies/
Word Analysis/
Wizards and PigsSetting: Not Just Time and PlaceInto the BookContext Clues
Types of TextThe Best School Year Ever (TT)Reading StripsCloze Activity
Genre StudyThe Best School Year Ever (RSR)Inference BattleshipFill in the Blank
Folk TalesNumber the Stars (RSR)Study ZoneWords with Multiple Meanings
 The Marble Champ (RSR)Practice Multiple Skills - Process QuizSynonyms
 Off and Running (TT)Practice Multiple Skills II - Process QuizSynonyms Challenge
 My Side of the Mountain (RSR)ACE Practice TestsSynonyms and Antonyms Crosswords
 Trapped by the Ice (RSR)Learning Resources (choose category, then story and activities are on the left)Vocabulary
 Trapped by the Ice (TT)Summarizing Story PartsFairground Spells
 Wizards and PigsSummarizing as You ReadFeed the Bigbots
 Instep with IdiomsMain Idea and Supporting DetailsRooting Out Words
 Metaphor BattleshipUnderstand Longer ReadingsIt's Greek to Me
 Simile or Metaphor QuizRecognize InferenceCatching the Fire: Philip Simmons, Blacksmith (RSR)
 Folktales from Asia (TT)VocabularyYang the Eldest and His Odd Jobs (RSR)
 Figurative LanguageReading for Results - Identify TopicsDarnell Rock Reporting (RSR)
 MetaphorsParaphrasing Topic SentencesThe Skill of Pericles (RSR)
 Alliteration or SimileGuess What Comes NextDarnell Rock Reporting (TT)
  Flood: Wrestling with the Mississippi (RSR)The Hot and Cold Summer (TT)
  Old Yeller (RSR)Donovan's Word Jar (TT)
  The Case of the Shining Blue Planet (RSR)Fall Secrets (TT)
  Seventh Grade (RSR) 
  The Stone Age News (RSR) 
  My Name is San Ho (RSR) 
  A Do-It-Yourself Project (RSR) 
  Atlas in the Round (RSR) 
  I Want to be an Astronaut (RSR) 
  Dive! My Adventures in the Deep Frontier (RSR) 
  The Marble Champ (RSR) 
  Cyber Surfer (RSR) 
  Off and Running (TT) 
  Reading for a Purpose 
  Purpose and Tone 
  Types of Text 
  Analyzing Arguments: Evaluating Support 
  Analyzing Arguments: Discovering the Point 
  Fact or Opinion? 
RIT Band Above 220
Wizards and PigsAlice's Adventures in WonderlandInto the BookContext Clues
Genre StudyNight of the ScorpionReading StripsContext Clues II
 VulturesInference BattleshipContext Clues Quiz
 Practice Test IACE Practice TestsUsing Context Clues
 Practice Test IILearning Resources (choose category, then story and activities are on the left)Using Context Clues - Intermediate
 Elements of FictionPractice Multiple SkillsUsing Context Clues - Advanced
 Setting: Not Just Time and PlaceAlice's Adventures in WonderlandRooting Out Words
 The Marble Champ (RSR)Practice AssessmentSynonyms - Beginner
 Off and Running (TT)Practice Assessment IISynonyms - Intermediate
 Do You Know Your Metaphors?FCAT ExpressSynonyms - Advanced
 Literary DevicesReading for ThinkingWord Parts
 Figurative LanguageVocabulary 
 Figurative Language QuizReading Headlines 
  Major and Minor Details 
  Recognizing Supporting Details 
  Recognizing Inference 
  Drawing Inferences 
  The Marble Champ (RSR) 
  Off and Running (TT) 
  Evaluating Support 
  Discovering the Point 
  Reading for a Purpose 
  Discovering the Point 
  Fact or Opinion?