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Enrollment Information for 2016-2017

Start with your Neighborhood School

Each neighborhood school is unique, but all emphasize strong educational programs that reflect the needs and interests of children and families in their area. The school in each neighborhood is the cornerstone of the community. Neighborhood schools are community learning centers that provide support and continuity for families. It is here that children strengthen ties to their neighborhood, giving them a real connection to the community. The principal at your neighborhood school can share with you what the school's goals and strengths are.  You can get to know your neighborhood school by contacting the school directly for a tour and enrollment information. No School Choice application is necessary when planning to attend your neighborhood school. Find out how to enroll your child for the next school year.

Student Enrollment:

• If your child is new to the Point Loma/Ocean Beach area, please call 619-222-0476 x2105 to set up an appointment prior to June 15th or after summer break on August 23rd to register your child at Correia. Registration is by appointment only, as the process can be time-consuming.

• To check which school(s) is your resident school, click on this link:

Find your neighborhood school

• For other enrollment options, please contact the Office of Enrollment Options at 619-725-5672 or look at their website at www.sandi.net/enrollmentoptions.

The enrollment packet takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Please bring the following items with you when enrolling your child. All documents must be current!
•Proof of Residency (SDGE utility bill, etc.)
•Birth Certificate
•Grades (most recent)

Note: Please also bring copies of your child's IEP or 504 (if applicable).