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Dana, Correia, and PLHS Students Present PL Engineering Program To School Board

Students from Dana Middle, Correia Middle, and PLHS showcased their talents to the SDUSD school board on May 15th SDUSD. They provided the group with an overview of the CCTE Engineering pathway in the Point Loma cluster.

We all felt a great sense of pride as we watched our students showcase their work and thinking to the school board and the superintendent. Their excitement about their learning was evident. Their presentations demonstrated how our students mature as they navigate through the schools in the Point Loma cluster. 

Sarah Thomson, a Junior at PLHS, shared her work around promoting STEAM in the Point Loma cluster demonstrated and her commitment to giving back to our community. This concept is a core component of The Pointer Way philosophy we try to promote in our children and adults. 

We would like to thank Ms. Bastani and Mr. Irvan for their hard work and dedication to our students and the CCTE program in general. Our teachers helped them prepare for the event and were present as they spoke. The students greatly appreciated their support. Parents shared with us how much their children loved their classes and how they will miss you once they move onto the next stage of their learning. 

Please follow this link to view the student generated presentation.

Thank you all for your support. 


Hans Becker - PLHS

Jonathan McDade – Correia Middle

Scott Irwin – Dana Middle