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COVID-19 Important Information For Parents

Correia Families,

As a public school system, we are committed to sharing as much information as possible with our community during this difficult time. Our district has set up a website with detailed information on how to help your students continue to learn, where to find food assistance and how to keep your family safe. You should use this website as your primary source of information for events related to the school closure. 

SDUSD Covid-19 Information For Parents

The webserver used to host school websites has experienced intermittent performance problems. The website referenced in the link above is not impacted by these issues. This website is being updated on a regular basis. I encourage you to visit it frequently for updates.

Our district has made a variety of online resources available to families during this time period. Please take a moment to view the following website:


Navigate this site by clicking the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner or click on the links below. For each category, you will find activities, lessons, and digital resources to engage your child during this time. Please watch the informational video and use the links to access resources to use with your child at home. The resources above are designed to be supplemental in nature. Your child will not be graded based upon their completion of this work. We will notify parents via our school website and SchoolMessenger system in the event this policy changes.

Thank you for your continued support and concern for our school. Our community spirit is part of what makes us strong. That spirit will help us all get through these challenging times together.

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